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People Are Getting Gummy Bear Nails And We're Obsessed

People Are Getting Gummy Bear Nails And We're Obsessed

The sweetest nail trend on the block.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We love innovative nail art, and gummy bear nails has to be the sweetest design yet.

Inspired by the Haribo snack, the look sees replicas of the delicious sweets mounted on nails in brightly coloured hues - and they look good enough to eat.

Manicurists and amateurs alike have been sharing their incredible designs on Instagram, and you can have a go to.

Tyla got the lowdown on how to create the look from two pros, and it turns out there's different ways to go about creating your model gummy bears.

Firstly, for more experienced nail artists, you can have a go at building the fake sweets from scratch, before they're mounted on the nail.

Nail artist Karina Chan (@narinanails) explains you should begin by sweeping one coat of a clear gel, in a colour of your choice, over the nail.

Next, you should use IBD clear hard gel to build the body, ears, hands and feet on the nail. Slowly build upwards, curing the gel under an LED or UV light as you go until your gummy takes shape.

How gorgeous are these pastel versions by Narina Chan? (

Finally, apply a top coat of the sheer gel in your chosen colour over the top to make it look like a real gummy bear.

If you're strapped for time (and a steady hand), you can create your model jellies by using moulds.

Nail artist Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella) told Tyla: "I used to make these little gummy figures by hand before but now there are silicon moulds that allows anyone to make them very easily."

We love this more subtle take on the trend by Park Eunkyung (

She explains, first: "Prepare the gummy bear shaped silicon mould first and apply some non-wipe top gel as a first layer before curing it.

"Next, put in the colour of your choice and cure it again. Lastly, repeat curing it until the mould is filled with gel. Once you remove it from the mould, you'll have the gummy bear of your own."

Afterwards, apply a clear gel to your nail in the same colour, before sticking your gummy to it using glue.

Of course there are tons of different takes on gummy bear nails. You could apply your gummy to just one nail, leaving the others bare with just some polish for a more 'wearable' take on the trend (just like Ms Park). Otherwise, you can go full on adding gummies to each and every nail.

Colour-wise, you could go primary, just like in an actual bag of Haribos, or go more subtle with pastel hues à la Karina Chan.

Will you be trying these?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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