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Everyone's Now Getting 'Tango Ice Blast' Hair - Here's How To Get The Look

Everyone's Now Getting 'Tango Ice Blast' Hair - Here's How To Get The Look

Earlier this week we were lusting after the rich purple hues of Ribena hair, but now Instagrammers have us thirsting after a new drink-inspired hair colour.

Please take a moment to appreciate the two-tone beauty that is... Tango Ice Blast hair.

Just like the delicious frozen drinks that come in flavours like blue raspberry and cherry, this look has an even split of vibrant, eye-popping colour - and it could be just the post-lockdown boost your tresses need.

The look is electric pink on one side, and neon candy pink on the other (Credit: Instagram / @lilacsugardoll)
The look is electric pink on one side, and neon candy pink on the other (Credit: Instagram / @lilacsugardoll)

Think of it as neon candy pink on one side, and electric blue on the other.

The sugary sweet shop tones are the perfect colour match for fans of the frozen ice slushies - to the extent that some social media users are even picturing their bright hair dos alongside their very own Tango Ice Blast.

We'll admit, this look isn't for the faint-hearted, but if you're brave enough to Tango your own locks, read on for some hot tips from the expert colour team at hair emporium Bleach London.

We love Instagrammer @katvantassel's vibrant two-tone locks (Credit: Instagram / @katvantassel)
We love Instagrammer @katvantassel's vibrant two-tone locks (Credit: Instagram / @katvantassel)

So, how do you go about creating Tango Ice Blast hair?

Bleach London told Tyla: "If you're experimenting with your look and going for a vivid or pastel colour, you will need to start with a blonde base."

You should start with a bleach kit for a base colour 'lift', the explain: "When you lift the hair, you're aiming for a pale yellow like the inside of a banana skin, before toning to a clean blonde."


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It's worth keeping in mind that if you are working with naturally darker hair, your results will be drastically different, and you'll need to choose alternative colours.

Bleach London advise: "If you have naturally dark hair and struggle to achieve a light enough blonde, you're best using the vibrant or bold colours as they will still show on a darker blonde."

Tango Ice Blast Now Available For Local Delivery

Tango Ice Blast Now Available For Local Delivery

published at2 months ago

Once the bleaching process is finished, Bleach London explain that the next step is to apply toner to the hair, which will "colour correct any brassy or yellow hues, otherwise the dye won't show true to colour.

The colourists advise that: "The pink may appear more peachy, and the blue will have green undertone."

They advise using a white toner kit, along with a toning shampoo and conditioner to create a "clean, pale blonde base" first.


"Then you would move on to the colour. Section your hair down the middle, or wherever you want the colour to go, and apply your colour."

For the pink section, Bleach London suggest their Super Cool Colour in The Big Pink for a true pink, or Odd Fuchsia for a blue toned pink.

When it comes to maintaining this look, it's advisable to reduce how often you shampoo so as not to further dry out your locks, and rinsing in cold water helps.

Is it just us, or are these pictures making you thirsty?

Featured Image Credit: Tango / Instagram / @holliieeelizabeth

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