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Chocolate Orange Hair Is The Perfect Colour To Try This Christmas

Chocolate Orange Hair Is The Perfect Colour To Try This Christmas

Lately we've spotted a number of sweet treat-inspired hair colourways on Instagram, from swirly candy cane hair to a deep brown ombre style that Team Tyla has dubbed Christmas pudding hair.

Now a new sweetshop-ready trend is causing a stir: chocolate orange hair.

The shade combines warm reddish tones with a rich, chocolatey depth - a combination as good as the flavours in a Terry's Chocolate Orange.


A bold shade like this is perfect for the winter months, and gives a nod to some of our favourite superhero characters, like Batman's Poison Ivy, or Kirsten Dunst as Mary-Jane Watson in Spiderman.

Want to create the look yourself?

Sophia Lloyd, Co-Director and Colour Expert at Kennaland, says: "A chocolate-orange tone like this is quite versatile. It can be used over blonde or pre-lightened hair in a strawberry-peach shade, or on brunette hair in a tangerine or vibrant copper tone.


"People may worry that a bright copper will look overly artificial," continues Sophia. "But unlike the icy white tones that have been in fashion recently, a rich colour like this won't strip your hair of its moisture, will give you a lot of longevity, and can be made to look more natural."

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To experiment with the trend without fully committing, Sophia suggests asking in salon for, "Glossing colours, which are halfway between a permanent colour and a semi-permanent colour."

"If you've already lightened your hair, you could also try out a colour toner or a colour pigment conditioner," she adds."The results will last for 6-8 washes."


"To make the style even more durable and long-lasting, you can minimise root regrowth by asking in salon for an ombre style with a root drag."

For aftercare, Sophia recommends Authentic Beauty Concept's vegan colour-care product 'Glow', available in Kennaland salons, to maintain colour and keep hair healthy. The product also helps to soften water in hard water areas.

For ombre styles, Sophie suggests Fabuloso Pro Colour Maintainer, also at Kennaland, a colour pigment conditioner for longer-lasting, vibrant and nourished ombre hair.


We have a vision of this hair colour teamed with a black or forest green maxi dress for Christmas parties, or dressed down with a grungy tee, black skinny jeans and a pair of chunky DMs.

All hail chocolate-orange, a combo that's as easy on the eye as it is on the tastebuds.

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