Candy Cane Liner Is The New Festive Make-Up Trend To Try

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Candy Cane Liner Is The New Festive Make-Up Trend To Try

When candy cane hair graced our Instagram feeds earlier this month, we thought we'd seen it all.


But that was before candy cane liner, the latest seasonal trend from the creative beauty community. Indulging our sweet tooth, it replaces the classic feline flick with a candy cane hook made with red and white liner.

The trend first came to our attention in 2016 after a Twitter moment and has inspired a fresh variety of looks every December since.


Earlier this month, makeup artist Anthony Nguyen posted a photo of Katy Perry fashioning the look on set for her Cozy Little Christmas music video.

Paired with a red lip, frostbitten blush and drawn-on freckles, it looks like she strolled right out of Santa's Grotto.


Beauty lovers on Instagram have shared their candy cane creations, ranging from extravagant shading and gems to simple horizontal stripes.

But unlike candy cane hair, this beauty trend is quick to master and even quicker wipe off a few hours later.


Professional Makeup Artist Mary Turner talks about the look and how to recreate it at home:

"What I love about the candy cane liner is how simple it is. It suits almost everyone and it can be done in less than ten minutes.


"Start by buying your liquid eyeliner (Boots do some good ones) and test them out first to make sure they're the most vidid red and Tippex white for maximum visibility.

"Start with your base. I'd recommend not doing much in terms of eyeshadow as you want to be able to clean up your lines afterwards, so go for something nude.


"Next, use a brush to do a classic cat eye flick, and once it dries, use a brush to apply the red stripes. Don't use too much on the brush at once, as it could result in the colours bleeding. Take your time, you can always go back and add more!

"To clean up any mistakes, use micellar water and a cotton bud. And you're done!"

Now there's a festive trend we can get on board with.

Featured Image Credit: @makeupbyriagia

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