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Bride-To-Be Left Creasing After Ill-Fitting Wedding Dress Looked Nothing Like The One She Ordered

Bride-To-Be Left Creasing After Ill-Fitting Wedding Dress Looked Nothing Like The One She Ordered

There's online shopping fails and then there's this.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We've all suffered a major online shopping fail at one time or another, but when it's your wedding dress, it's gotta' be right.

And one bride-to-be was left in hysterics when the gown she ordered online arrived looking nothing like its pictures.

Meaghan Taylor, 23, from Canada, snapped up the second-hand "white lace mermaid dress" for just £60 at an online retailer. In the images, the dress looked stunning, with a cinched-in waist, sweetheart neckline and lace sleeves.

Meaghan ordered the dress online (
Triangle News)

But when it arrived, it was unrecognisable and nothing like the fitted, lace dress she had hoped for.

"I was blown away by what I received. It looked nothing like the photo when I ordered it," said Meaghan - who is planning to marry her fiancé Keith Reid, 30, next summer

"I was pretty heartbroken, but I couldn't help but laugh."

It didn't look anything like what she had ordered (
Triangle News)

Mum-of-one Meaghan contacted the seller, but initially, they refused to refund her.

"I did ask for my money back. But they had told me I needed the original packaging and the box it had come in, which I didn't keep.

"I then proceeded to tell them that this ruined my wedding as I was expecting the dress in the photo. And they finally returned my money."

"We hope to get married once the Covid restrictions are lifted, next summer is our plan."

The couple are hoping to get married next year (
Triangle News)

Meaghan later posted a hilarious snap of her wearing the gown on Facebook, and it's since gone viral, with fellow brides-to-be in shock over the post.

"On another episode of what we ordered and what we actually got. My face tells exactly how I'm feeling," she wrote on the post.

"It was too funny not to post. I'm sure a lot of people will get a kick out of it," she later added.

"I'm glad it made everyone else's day just like it did mine."

Thank goodness Meaghan got a refund!

Tyla has contacted the retailer for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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