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Zara Is Getting Mocked Over Model's 'Lego Hair' On Website

Zara Is Getting Mocked Over Model's 'Lego Hair' On Website

We're baffled by this!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Fashion retailer Zara is being mocked online after shoppers believe it 'photoshopped Lego hair' onto one of its models.

Spotted over on Instagram page @awkwardzara, people were seriously confused over the image.

"Lego S/S21 :haircut:‍♀️ The weirdest thing about this Lego hair on the Zara homepage rn is that the model actually has a great fringe anyway (see last pic), so all signs point towards the Lego hair shots either being an overlooked photoshop fail OR someone's kid has seized the iPad and gone to down with the paint tool or is it intentional?!" The account wrote.

"Additional theories welcome..."

Shoppers are confused over the fringe (

The post explained how, in other images, the model in question has a decent fringe.

But followers were quick to point out that actually, the 'Lego fringe' could in fact be a hat that is launching on the site soon.

One person commented: "It is in fact a hat that is going to launch soon."

While another said: "Looks like a felt hat to me..."

And one added: "I tend to agree with the hat theorists on this thread."

Fans are baffled, considering the model has a great fringe (

Others disagreed however, with one assuming it was a 'proofing fail'.

"Proofing fail! I think she may not actually have the fringe at all, either the graphic designer or shoot team have outlined the draft hair style, for the graphic designer ready to start editing it into actual hair. (I.e this outline could be just step one for the designer in photoshop)," they wrote.

"Then they haven't got to editing these/maybe mistakenly sent the wrong version to the website team. THEN I imagine it was then uploaded by someone who definitely thought this is classic Zara so didn't question if they had the right image :joy:."

While another said: "I think they are just doing this kind of things for this account now. This is the most awkward fringe!"

Tyla has contacted Zara for more info.

Zara is known for its quirky campaign shots (

The fashion retailer regularly baffles shoppers with its quirky campaign shots.

Last year, Zara fans were amazed by the images of its Spring/Summer campaign. One shot saw a model in strappy green kitten heels inexplicably crouching on a stove top, ducking her head so as not to hit the extractor fan.

While in another, a woman kitted out in an orange trouser suit, levitating like a Marvel character next to a book shelf.

We can't lie, we do enjoy the bizarre shots!

Featured Image Credit: Zara

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