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These Reinforced Sole Socks Will Save Your Feet After A Night Out

These Reinforced Sole Socks Will Save Your Feet After A Night Out

We're head-over-heels for these!

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

It's two o'clock in the morning and your feet are burning after a night of dancing like you were possessed by the holy spirit of Beyoncé. You can't bare to stand any longer in your heels, but don't want to risk walking barefoot.

Sound familiar?

Well fear no more as two inventors have come to rescue your swollen tootsies by creating a pair of special socks to wear after a night out - and even better, they can fit in the tiniest of clutch bags.

Aptly named Aftersocks, the fashion innovation, which is the brainchild of creators Monika Trojanowska and Joel Bijlmer, comes with a reinforced sole so you can ditch the heels without exposing your feet to glass-strewn pavements.

Launched on Kickstarter, they claim to solve "a dilemma that many have faced, but for which none have found a satisfactory solution... until now."

The campaign will appear on the site for another 10 days before the product goes into production.


On the Kickstarter page, they wrote: "Now you have the opportunity to solve this age-old problem with a ground-breaking new creation that will surely have your toes twinkling with delight.

"Aftersocks is an elegant solution to a problem that most women face.

"A solution so simple that no one ever thought of it: Aftersocks that have been thoughtfully designed and crafted with an underside constructed from PVC and extra soft layers of cushioning that hug the contours of your feet."

The socks come in three colours; black, silver and gold, and are made from premium quality cotton, nylon, elastic and PVC.


Once on sale, the fashion item will be priced at £14 for a pack of three, which we think is quite the steal.

Featured Image Credit: Aftersocks

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