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Shein Ridiculed Over Ridiculously High Cut Bodysuit Like 'Borat's Mankini'

Shein Ridiculed Over Ridiculously High Cut Bodysuit Like 'Borat's Mankini'

Now *that* is high cut!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

There's high cut, and then there's this!

Online retailer Shein has been ridiculed for selling a *very* high cut bodysuit that people are comparing to 'Borat's mankini'.

The bodysuit is very high cut (
Deadline News)

Over on the Shein website, the product is described as a black, rib knit, long sleeve bodysuit, priced at £9.99. So far, so good, but on Facebook, hundreds of Shein customers were in hysterics over an image of the garment.

The item is so high waisted, some even compared it to Borat's mankini, with several posting images of Sacha Baron Cohen in the fluorescent green garment.

One person commented: "High cut? That's cut so damn high it's practically flossing her teeth."

Some were quick to note how uncomfortable it looks, while others were adamant the image had been photoshopped.

"Honestly, I can see the pain in her eyes," wrote one shopper.

While another said: "Sneeze and you'll be sliced up to your belly button."

Some compared it to 'Borat's mankini' (
Deadline News)

We have to say, it does look rather uncomfortable, but paired with a high waisted skirt or jeans and it might not look so bad?!

It's pretty easy to commit a fashion blunder while shopping online. In the summer, we told you about the woman who ordered an oversized hat from ASOS, which arrived looking like a giant mushroom.

The shopper, named Kate Elizabeth, posted a hilarious video on Twitter, showing the true extent of the gigantic hat. You can watch it below:

And thanks to its beige colour, Kate said it made her "look like a mushroom".

"@ASOS taking 'oversized' to a WHOLE different level," she wrote. "Even when it's buttoned back I look like a giant mushroom lol."

ASOS even clapped back with a cheeky response, replying "size matters".

Like us, Kate's followers found the whole thing hilarious, with one writing: "Hahahah giving off Sex and the City Samantha vibes here Kate," referring to the scene in the Sex and the City film where Samantha hides behind her hat while watching her hot neighbour and eating guacamole.

You can read more about it here.

Tyla has reached out to Shein for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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