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Gucci Is Literally Selling Ripped Black Tights For £146

Gucci Is Literally Selling Ripped Black Tights For £146

…Is everything okay, Gucci?

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We've been throwing out our snagged tights since our school days - but apparently, we should have been stocking them up instead.

Designer brand Gucci have decided that ripped tights are the height of fashion - and have been selling them for the princely sum for £146 ($190).

The Italian brand is thought to have made a killing, with the "Black Distressed Tights" already marked as sold out online.

The website shows the tights with two large holes around the knee area, with snags and ladders creeping up towards the crotch and down by the ankle.

The questionably fashion-forward stockings were found by Instagram account Diet Prada, who were left similarly unimpressed by the sight.

Sharing a snap of the garment, the fashion watchdog said of the tights: "To whoever paid $190 (£146) for these Gucci pre-ripped tights... are you ok?" before adding the hashtag #RippedInItaly.

Followers found the tights funny, with one commenting: "Suddenly, we're all designers."

Another added: "Surely that cannot be real?"

A third chipped in: "Is this a joke?"

However, not everyone was against the distressed tights. Designer Natalia Fedner explained why these laddered leggings may be carrying a hefty price tag.

Shein stunned with their Borat-styled bodysuit (

"To be fair, they had to program the knitting machine to look 'ripped', so I'm assuming it's knit this way and will not run any further," she commented.

"Similar to t-shirts that have this look."

While the ongoing coronavirus lockdown has seen us reach for comfy loungewear and a more relaxed daytime look, surely people aren't seriously spending so much money on pre-ripped tights?

ASOS addicts, take note (
Instagram/ ASOS)

But, hey, if ripped tights are coming in fashion at least it's going to mean we have to bin less of ours...

In other fashion news, online retailer Shein was ridiculed by fans for selling a high-cut bodysuit that wasn't too dissimilar to Borat's infamous mankini.

Meanwhile, ASOS have joked they were "considering" setting up an alibi option at checkout, so shopaholics hide their spending sprees from their loved ones.

Featured Image Credit: Gucci

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