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Women Are Sharing Their Online Shopping Fails

Women Are Sharing Their Online Shopping Fails

From giant knickers to dresses that don't look like the adverts, women are taking to social media to share their online shopping fails.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Lockdown made thousands of people ditch high street shops in favour of online retail therapy, and now women are sharing some of their most embarrassing purchases.

From unflattering dresses and giant knickers to swimming pools, the shopping fails fails are hilarious.

Amy Macdonald, 11, wanted a paddling pool to help her cool off from the hot weather. Mum Claire, 31, did not get what she was expecting in the post.

This paddling pool looks more like a mini foot spa (

The mum from Macduff, Aberdeenshire, unwrapped the £12 package to find the item was tiny in real life, leaving Amy with more of a foot spa than a swimming pool.

Claire said: "I'm very prone to these online shopping fails. I guess I've just got bad luck."

Rosi McMillan, 23, from Queensland, Australia, bought a £6 ($11 AUD) Voldemort mask for a fancy dress party - and she received a rather terrifying alternative.

But, amused by the horrendous fail, Rosi decided to give her pals a giggle by proudly wearing it to the event with a cape made from a bin bag.

This is not the Voldermort mask Rosi thought she was getting (

This 10-pack of giant blue knickers left mum-of-one Juanita McGowen embarrassed, after they arrived instead of the size 12's she thought she'd ordered.

Juanita, a marketing manager, from Cleveland, Ohio, US, snapped a picture with the huge pair of knickers, adding: "I could've probably fit three of me in one pair which is hilarious."

A woman was left laughing in disbelief when a coat she ordered online came decorated with random words from a pub menu.

Chellce Adams-Jackson, 26, from Stockport, bought the £80 jacket for her friend, expecting to receive a grey coat with the word 'Queen' printed down the side.

Instead she received a white coat covered in food words and meals.

Chellce's jacket was covered in random words from a pub menu (

"I was in complete disbelief when I saw it," she said. "I honestly couldn't take it in. I was reading these words like cheese and beef stew and just started to cry with laughter.

Lauren Thompson, 18, was in hysterics when the bodycon dress she bought for a Barbie party was compared to an oversized binbag.

The £25 'tight-fitting' size 12 frock was less than flattering as it was way too big for Lauren, hanging so loosely from her body that she struggled to zip herself into it.

Lauren's Barbie party outfit did not turn out how she expected (
Another unfortunate garment story was shared by student Beth Whitehouse, 22, when she claimed the 'figure-hugging, mustard dress' she ordered, appeared to arrive like a 'high-vis tent'.

Fran Watts, 29, was left stunned when a cosy knitted dress she bought transformed her into 'Mr Tickle' because the long sleeves passed her knees.

Beth ordered a dress and ended up with a garment resembling a 'high vis jacket' (

The 5ft 5 digital marketing specialist, spent five minutes trying to arrange the sleeves so it would look like it did on the model, to no avail.

She said: "The arms were double the length they should have been, they looked really strange. I looked like Mr Tickle!"

At least they were all able to see the funny side!

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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