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Balenciaga Ridiculed For This Bizarre Bag And Shoe Photoshoot With Model Sandwiched In Sofa

Balenciaga Ridiculed For This Bizarre Bag And Shoe Photoshoot With Model Sandwiched In Sofa

Zara have 24 hours to respond.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Back in May, we brought you the news that shoppers were left baffled by a series of bizarre campaign shots released by high street fashion giants ZARA.

Now, designer giants Balenciaga have one-upped the high street chain in the kooky shoot stakes with this bonkers image of a model apparently being eaten alive by a sofa.

Check it out for yourself:

Showcasing monochrome Balenciaga bags, socks and other accessories, the image captures a model sandwiched between the sofa cushions, with only their leg sticking out at an odd angle.

Confused followers quickly took to social media to ridicule the shoot.

Reposting the image to Instastories, one follower wrote: "Sometimes these Balenciaga posts are just dumb. I love the brand... and love their alternative posts... But sometimes this 'fashion' I don't get.

In May, Zara were ridiculed for their SS20 campaign imagery which featured models shot in unusual poses around a swish apartments (

They jokily added: "Imagine being booked as the model... your excited and then they throw a couch on your and take a photo of your ankle. Make it make sense [sic]."

Referencing Zara's Spring-Summer '20 campaign - which also saw models shot in peculiar poses around the home, including one perched on a stove - one user tweeted Balenciaga's shot with the caption: "Zara have 24 hours to respond. (Balenciaga are tripping)."

Confused followers were quick to mock the Balenciaga shoot (

Others promptly joined in the mockery, with one commenting: "They have lost the plot at this point."

Meanwhile, another added: "I genuinely thought this was a push bike seat."

One follower commented that the brand had
One follower commented that the brand had
One user thought the image was of a push bike seat (

If you need a refresh on Zara's SS20 imagery, the images captured models in some rather, er, unexpected positions.

Along with the infamous stove shot, one image showed a woman kitted out in an orange trouser suit, levitating like a Marvel character next to a book shelf.

While a third depicts a model slumped forward on a sofa in what seems to be a version of yogi position Child's Pose.

Naturally, Twitter users wanted answers.

"What is zara playing at, why is sis standing on the stove? [sic]" asked one.

Zara's SS20 campaign pictured models in, erm, unusual poses (

Another bemused shopper commented: "Zara has the weirdesttt clothes website. Like why is sis moving like spider man. [sic]"

Balenciaga's latest image marks another shoot where the brief was something along the lines of "the floor is lava, but make it fashion."

Featured Image Credit: Balenciaga / Instagram

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