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People Are Losing It Over Mother In Law’s ‘Champagne’ Guest Dress

People Are Losing It Over Mother In Law’s ‘Champagne’ Guest Dress

The MIL in question has caused quite a stir among the Reddit community.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A bride-to-be's Reddit thread has caused quite a stir, for the fact that her mother-in-law has chosen to wear a dress that looks suspiciously similar to a wedding dress.

Posted in the 'Dressed like a bride' forum, the bride-to-be shared a screenshot of a conversation she'd had with her future mother-in-law, complete with a photo of the dress in question, and Redditers were naturally shocked by the choice of attire.

In the post she wrote: "My almost mother in law just showed me the dress she will be wearing to my wedding in two months..." and we can see why she's rightly annoyed.

In the text exchange, the Reddit user wrote: "What does your dress look like? I heard you ordered it," before the MIL replied: "Yeah... I will send a pic to you."

She then shares a photo of a woman wearing a wrap dress in a colour that looks remarkably wedding-dress like, though she's quick to clarify: "Colour is called champagne".


Redditers took to the site to share their shock at this odd choice of dress, with one saying: "She knows it's not good, you didn't ask what the colour was, yet she felt compelled to tell you it's champagne."

Another wrote: "Right, if you have to clarify that the colour isn't called "white"...then it's too close to white."

While a third remarked: "Champagne is a traditional mother of the bride colour, but it's usually more of a golden champagne colour, this looks like ivory to me."

"I love how she just unprompted said 'Colour is called champagne' bc she knows it's not an appropriate colour," said a fourth.


"Well, tell her this won't be so white anymore if she does wear it," another advised. "The red wine and tomato sauce she will be wearing if she shows up in this will bring plenty of colour."

Thankfully, when later asked what the OP's reply was to her mother-in-law's message, the bride-to-be revealed that her fiancé was able to tactfully talk his mother out of it.

"My fiancé came home after the message and he tactfully talked her back into a lovely dark green version," she said.

We're glad to hear it!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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