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This 10-Second Hack Means Your Jeans Will Never Gape Again

This 10-Second Hack Means Your Jeans Will Never Gape Again

Don't give your favourite pair of jeans away just yet - this hack might be exactly what you need.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We've all been there with jeans. You find the perfect fitting pair - they're elongating on the leg and make your bum look UH-mazing - but there's one problem: they have an annoying gape at the waist.

Usually a belt comes in handy here, but what about when a bulky belt threatens to ruin the outfit, or you simply can't find one at all?

Luckily, we've just discovered an incredible hack to solve this exact sartorial problem - and it takes mere seconds.

TikToker Aaliyah Morales, 18, revealed the hack to make jeans fit properly over the waist, and it promises to give you the perfect hourglass fit you desire, without the gape.

Simply tie your jeans up from the side loops, and pull (

You simply have to hook a piece of string through the side belt loops on your jeans, joining the two ends at the back.

Pulling the strings will tighten the fit around the waist, and once you've found your desired shape, simply tie the strings together at the back.

Aaliyah then tucks the string into the back of her jeans so it's barely visible - et voila, perfect fitting jeans!

The social media star from California, who has almost 30,000 followers, shared the hack on her TikTok account, and it quickly went viral, leading to thousands of comments thanking her for the idea.

But while Aaliyah makes the hack look easy, others were quick to give it a go, with not quite so successful results.

"i spent 15 min on it w diff ways, def does not work HAHA," wrote one person.

"IT'S not pretty at the back ...," said another who attempted the trick.

One person concluded that for the hack to work the jeans pretty much have to fit you well to start with. Instead of being a fix-all for ill-fitting jeans, it simply tightens up the waist, enhancing your shape.

So there you have it: don't attempt this on jeans five times too big for you and expect miracles. However, if you have an amazing fitting pair that just need a little lift, this hack could be the best thing you've learnt in 2020 so far.

Featured Image Credit: Jampress

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