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Converse Is Selling Trainers That Are Made To Look Dirty For £70

Converse Is Selling Trainers That Are Made To Look Dirty For £70

We're not sure we'd get that 'new trainers' feeling from these...

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

There's nothing worse than getting your brand new, sparkling white trainers dirty for the first time. But, deep down, we all know they look that little better when they've been worn in a bit.

Well now, Converse is selling trainers that actually look dirty, explaining shoppers can "skip the break-in period" and achieve that vintage look straight away.

You can now pay for your trainers to be dirty (

The Chuck Taylor All Stars are £70 - and apart from the grubby effect, they look exactly the same as the brand's classic Low Top Converse.

"Classic Chuck features get an aged makeover in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Smoke Low Top sneaker. Skip the break-in period. A dirty wash treatment gives these classic Chucks a vintage look, straight out of the box," the description reads.

The trainers - available in UK sizes 3-13 - come in two different colours, grey and er 'white' and navy. Both styles are covered in a dirty wash effect, with even the laces looking mega grubby.

Surprisingly, the Basic Wash styles are more expensive than the standard Chuck Taylor All Stars, which are priced at £52.

They're priced at £70 (

And people have been baffled by the product on Twitter, with one person writing: "Look at these converse that are designed to look dirty and cost £70.

"The worst part is that they are actually about double the amount of dirty you'd ever want ur converse to be."

The Twitter user very correctly pointed out: "Something unbearable about the idea of eventually going to clean these and knowing that there is a layer of painted on artificial dirt that you can never remove."

They're also available in blue (

We feel that, too.

Another person added: "Genuinely last week I chucked (pun absolutely intended) a white pair so grubby & holey I thought they were too far gone... can't believe I got rid of an investment piece."

Other people disagreed, however, with heaps of Twitter users adamant that their Converse always look better when they're at that dirty stage.

There's something about paying nearly £20 more for fake dirt that we just can't get our heads around, but if you do fancy getting your hands on these mucky shoes, you can snap them up here.

Featured Image Credit: Converse

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