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​This Cheeseburger Lingerie Set Really Shows Off How Much Of A Snack You Are

​This Cheeseburger Lingerie Set Really Shows Off How Much Of A Snack You Are

It looks good enough to eat!

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A fashion designer from New Zealand is making all our foodie dreams come true - with a saucy cheeseburger lingerie set that takes the form of our favourite fast food meal.

Estelle Peacock, a fashion designer and dressmaker from Wellington, New Zealand, specialises in dance and stage costumes and designs made-to-order outfits through her online shop and Instagram, Stellar Stage Apparel.

Not one to shy away from the unusual (she's previously made a sugar plum fairy stage outfit and a Baywatch-inspired dance costume, complete with rhinestones on the bum), last year Estelle teased her fans on Instagram with her newest creation, a "sexy burger" lingerie set, and it's decorated with everything you'd find in your cheeseburger.

Comprising of multiple layers, a sesame seed bun bra with tomatoes, cheese and lettuce added on, the knickers features a burger and relish on top, plus more tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.

And also included in the set is the embellished-with-rhinestones pickle nipple pasties.

In the original Instagram post, the designer teased the unique costume as a burlesque, pole dance, dance costume or lingerie set and fans went wild for the garment.

In a more recent post, Estelle then teased she was "looking into meeting the demand from all my hungry burger fans" and revealed she'd already made a separate custom order of a similar costume.

And great news for us burger fans - the entrepreneurial costume maker has decided to sell her makes on a grand scale, so we can all pick up a set.

Just last month, Estelle answered a few of her fans' questions about the making process.

"As some of you may gathered I am looking at getting more of the Burger Lingerie made so everyone can get their hands on a set," she wrote in her Q&A post. "There are literally hundreds of you wanting this and thats amazing!"

Estelle revealed to her "burger gang" that she was in the process of finding a suitable manufacturer to make them on a mass production level and open up pre-orders to cover costs.

She also hoped the lingerie set would be available within three months and would cover a range of sizes from XS to XL.

And, if the sale of this particular offering goes well, Estelle plans to add more to unusual lingerie sets to the collection.

"If this first attempt at mass production goes well then I would love to be able to design and make more quirky sexy lingerie for you," she added.

Now where do we sign up?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/stellar_stage_apparel

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