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ASDA Is Selling A Harry Potter-Themed Advent Calendar Full Of Jewellery

ASDA Is Selling A Harry Potter-Themed Advent Calendar Full Of Jewellery

The supermarket's £15 calendars are going down a storm on social media.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Supermarket giant ASDA is selling a Harry Potter-themed advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas, and it's perfect for Potterheads.

Rather than chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts every flavour beans hidden behind each of the 24 windows, this calendar is full of jewellery to build a charm bracelet.

Each calendar contains 12 Harry Potter charms and three beads to create your own bracelet, as well as nine silver, gold and rose gold rings.

All of the jewellery is Harry Potter-inspired too, with some of the charms shaped like the Deathly Hallows symbol and the talking sorting hat.

The rings come feature the house badges and mini animals, and the beads will add a little extra sparkle to your bracelet.

ASDA is selling the spell-binding advent calendars for £15 a pop, although some are already fetching up to double on Ebay meaning you may need to cast a few spells to get your hands on one in-store.

Unsurprisingly, Harry Potter fans are going wild for the calendars on social media.


"How do I order one of these?!" exclaimed one shopper, while another declared: "ASDA have Harry Potter jewellery advent calendars for £15. Life = made."

Echoing the above sentiment, somebody else tweeted: "I really really really need that Harry Potter advent calendar from ASDA with the charm bracelet in!"

Other customers expressed disappointment that they couldn't find the calendars in their local ASDA stores, as they aren't available online yet. I've reached out to the supermarket to find a full list of stockists.

ASDA's advent calendars aren't the only Harry Potter ones on the market, as Funko released its own version earlier this year.


The calendars come with pocket-sized figures from the franchise, meaning you can celebrate the season with mini versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione every day of December.

There are other characters, such as Dumbledore, Hagrid and Dobby, included the magical calendar.

With a £199.95 price tag over on Amazon, these might not be the cheapest of advent calendars, although you will be left with an array of figurines to keep forever.

You can purchase one here just in time for Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: ASDA/Warner Bros.

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