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Woman Accuses American Eagle Of 'Promoting Body Dysmorphia'

Woman Accuses American Eagle Of 'Promoting Body Dysmorphia'

A woman has slammed US clothing brand American Eagle, after complaining about its sizing.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A woman has slammed US clothing brand American Eagle after complaining about its sizing.

Writing on Twitter, the customer claimed the brand's size eight shorts (UK size 12) were actually smaller than its size six (UK size 10) style from the previous year.

"@AEO what the f**k is up!!! This year your size 8 shorts are smaller than last years size six???" she said.

"I (and everyone else I'm sure) would like to not have body dysmorphia every time I try on a pair of shorts, respectfully, get it together."

The customer tweeted American Eagle about its sizing (

In the tweet, the woman explained how her size eight shorts were actually smaller than a pair of size six shorts bought last year.

To demonstrate, she compared the denim shorts side by side - and the white size six seemed to have a remarkably wider waist. The shopper also took photos of the sizing in both shorts, to show which was the larger and the smaller size.

Although the woman did tag American Eagle in the tweet, they are yet to respond publicly. Tyla has also contacted the brand for comment.

The size eight jeans looked remarkably smaller (

There's nothing more frustrating than ordering your usual size of jeans - to find the sizing is completely off.

A few months ago, an eye-opening TikTok revealed the vast size differences of size 12 trousers at a number of popular stores.

In a video, user Sophie Shakeshaft tried on a number of her trousers from different stores to portray the difference.

The woman took photos of the shorts side by side (

Trying on a range of bottoms, including loose fitting tracksuits from Asos, white high-waisted jeans from Topshop and black jeans from Pretty Little Thing, Sophie showed that despite all being labelled as a size 12, not all of them fitted her body.

At the end of the video, Sophie said: "Notice my body didn't change size once during this video! Don't put value in your clothes size babygirl. Love the skin you're in."

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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