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Primark Has Added Adorable New Items To Its Doggy Clothing Collection

Primark Has Added Adorable New Items To Its Doggy Clothing Collection

There's even a cute little doggy raincoat.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Really, is there anything better than dressing your animal up in adorable outfits?

When Primark launched its first range of outfits for dogs we were spoilt for choice. There was everything from a unicorn onesie to a hotdog costume for your sausage dog - and honestly, we really didn't think it could get any better.

But now the high street retailer has brought out a brand new selection of garments for your pup, and they might just be cuter than the last.

The new collection features everything from a sweet doggy raincoat to a grey cable knit jumper, both of which are perfect for the miserable winter weather.

One of the new items on offer is this raincoat (

With all items available for a very reasonable £7, other new designs include a technicolour revamp of their much loved unicorn outfit, a cuddly pink flamingo costume and a stripy little zebra.

Plus - and this is our personal favourite - you can get your hands on a baby shark outfit, too.

Just think of the reaction your pup will get when they're out on walkies.

As well as the new additions, the popular older items are also still on sale as well, so your pooch will have loads of options to chose from (or rather, you will - because, let's be honest, they don't have a clue what's going on...)

There are lots of cute designs in Primark's dog collection (
This little unicorn is also adorable (

You can now buy this zebra print design, too (
The whole collection costs between £5 and £7, and it's available for pooches whatever they're big or small - as they come in 26cm or 36cm sizes.

If you fancy going on a massive doggy shopping spree, you can also buy various other pooch accessories too, including a cute, blue-coloured harness complete with wings for your angelic fur baby, for just £4.

The range also includes a 'chewphone' dog toy for the same price.

The fun really does never end. At this rate, our dog is going to end up with a more extensive wardrobe than us!

Featured Image Credit: Primark

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