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Melbourne Woman Is Praised For 'Genius' £2 Hairclip Hack That Transformed Her Dress

Melbourne Woman Is Praised For 'Genius' £2 Hairclip Hack That Transformed Her Dress

Sharna Horwood, 25, from Melbourne, found a genius hack to fix her dream dress.

Unity Blott

Unity Blott

We all know that sinking feeling when you order the perfect dress online, only to find that the straps are slip-off-the-shoulder baggy. UGH.

Well, one woman has found a genius hairclip hack which totally transformed her droopy dress - and tbh we're not sure why we've never thought of it before.

Sharna Horwood's dress didn't fit properly when it arrived (

Sharna Horwood, 25, from Melbourne, Australia said she was left severely disappointed when her dream dress arrived in the post, as it didn't seem to fit right on her body.

No matter what she did, the frock's 'annoying' silky spaghetti straps kept falling down around her shoulders - which meant she constantly needed to pull them up.

But Sharna, a nurse, loved the dress so much that she was prepared to try and alter it herself - or even fork out to get it done professionally.

Luckily, Sharna came up with a genius idea that managed to transform her $90AUD (£50) 'Born To Be Chic' dress and saved it from being banished to the back of her wardrobe.

After browsing her local Kmart department store, the thrifty young woman discovered a set of three pretty hairclips for just $5AUD (£2.80) and decided to put them to the test on her new dress.

The genius hack worked perfectly by holding the straps together at the back - while also looking seamlessly stylish at the same time.


Sharna said: "I bought the dress online, and I really loved it. But when it arrived, it just didn't fit right. I planned to wear it to an upcoming event with a strapless bra. But the problem was that the spaghetti straps on the dress kept falling down.

"No matter what I did, I'd constantly need to pull them back up onto my shoulders. It was frustrating, so I knew I had to do something if I wanted to keep the dress.

"I originally had a hook and eye in the back, but it didn't look nice. So, I decided to go to my local Kmart department store and see if I could find something to help.

Sharna shows off her dress hack (

"I came across these nice hairclips and it just clicked. They were only $5 (£2.80) for three, so I bought them and took them home.

"They worked perfectly, and it looked like it was just meant to be a part of the dress. The colour suited and blended in well. I was so happy to be able to fix my dress at such a bargain."

After posting photographs of her clever hack online, it soon went viral - racking up thousands of likes, comments and shares on Facebook.

The dress now fits perfectly (

Sharna said was inundated with kind messages from impressed followers who praised the genius idea - with many saying they were going to try the hairclip hack out for themselves.

She said: "The response I've received online from this has been pretty overwhelming, but it's so lovely to get all these lovely messages from people praising my idea.

"I'd definitely do it again in the future. It just sits so much nicer and is much more comfortable.

Sharna's hack has since gone viral (

"The hairclip hack totally saved my dress, so I couldn't be happier."

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