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People Can't Believe The Results Of This £15 Pandora Jewellery Cleaner

People Can't Believe The Results Of This £15 Pandora Jewellery Cleaner

Runs to clean bracelets and rings *immediately*...

We hate to break it to you, but you know that Pandora bracelet you're wearing? It's actually hella' dirty.

Yep, it turns out we should actually be cleaning our jewellery regularly, folks.

And if you don't believe us, trust the testimony of a bunch of Pandora shoppers, who tried the jewellery store's Cleaner Set, and couldn't believe how much dirt their bling ended up shedding.

Posting on Facebook, one shopper wrote: "Anyone who owns Pandora items needs this cleaning kit...

"All you do is leave the bracelet or jewellery in the pot, take it out wipe it and brush it and my god it works wonders."

You can buy the Pandora cleaning kit online or in store (

The shopper added that she "only recently realised they sell a cleaning kit", and she was "literally gobsmacked" at "the amount of cr*p that came of [her] bracelet".

"I was dubious about using this... but took the risk and it paid off, so happy I can wear my jewellery again after it went brown during lockdown 1.0!," another happy customer wrote.

As a fellow shopper assured them: "It's brilliant".

Pandora stores used to clean jewellery for free in store, but currently don't offer the service because of Covid-19.

Your bling isn't as sparkling as you might think (

However, they still advise your jewellery needs regularly cleaning and polishing - and that's where their £15 cleaning kit comes in.

Pandora explains: "The jewellery cleaner set contains a gentle Pandora-approved cleaning solution for all metals, a soft brush and a handling tray to hold your jewellery while cleaning it.

"There is also a double-sided polishing cloth: the white side is for sterling silver and 14ct gold, and the pink side is for plated metals such as Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine."

Grab yours here now...

This cleaning kit is going to become a must for all Pandora shoppers (

If you're short of cash, lots of people are recommending their own home-made cleaning solutions, too.

In fact, one woman shared her success after using hot water and washing up liquid - and the results are pretty remarkable.

This works because washing up liquid contains hydrocarbon chains, which have one end attracted to water and the other attracted to oil.

This means that the end attracted to oil (hydrophobic) naturally attaches itself to dirt, while the water-grabbing end (hydrophilic) makes the particles soluble, meaning they can be rinsed away much in the same way you'd rinse food off a plate.

However, it's worth noting that you'll obviously get a better and more thorough clean using the cleaning kit, seeing as it is designed specifically for Pandora products, by the jewellers themselves.

Featured Image Credit: Pandora

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