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You Can Now Buy The Whole Family PJs To Match With Your Dog

You Can Now Buy The Whole Family PJs To Match With Your Dog

This is too cute!

Level up your family Christmas cheer by getting your pets in on the celebrations. These matching pjs are available in all sizes - including for dogs and cats!

The adorable pyjamas are perfect for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, with a red and grey striped design on the bottoms, and a smirking Grinch on the top, accompanied by the words: "Behave For The Holidays."

Coming in a wide range of sizes, the pyjamas will make a great Christmas gift for kids, couples, or the whole family!

Get your pet in on the festivities this Christmas and try out some matching pjs. (

According to their Amazon description, the matching pyjamas are super comfy, breathable, and easy to wash - the perfect attire for a festive feast - or a dig in the garden.

Sold individually, prices range from £12.66 to £21.96 depending on size.

And speaking of sizes, you can pick up the pjs for just about anyone - from an XXL man all the way down to a cat.

While it might be a little bit late to invest in the matching pj set in time for this Christmas, they're definitely worth getting for next year. They would be the perfect addition to a super cute family Christmas card!

Dressing up your dog for the family Christmas card is a must. (

Plus, the company offer exchanges within seven days if you're not 100 per cent satisfied with your matching set.

While you're shopping, why not pick up these heated leggings so you can stay toasty throughout the winter months?

If you find yourself constantly refilling the hot water bottle as temperatures drop, save time with USB heated leggings that you can remotely adjust!

Not only do the electric heated leggings protect you from the cold, but they are also advertised to promote blood circulation, relieve menstruation discomfort, promote metabolism, and ease muscle pain.

These heated leggings are genius! (

To wash the leggings, all you have to do is remove the charger, and machine or hand wash.

Sounds like we've got some shopping to do!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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