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People Are Obsessed With This £895 Baked Bean Tote Bag

People Are Obsessed With This £895 Baked Bean Tote Bag

Bringing a whole new dynamic to the term ‘bean bag’.

We’re weeks away from Christmas party season, where glittery outfits and sequinned accessories are essential for all your upcoming events.

And what would make your killer outfit stand out from the crowd in your next big shindig? Well, the Anya Hindmarch Heinz Baked Bean tote bag, of course!

The Heinz baked bean tote bag sparked interest (
Anya Hindmarch)

Coming in at an eye-watering £895, this sequinned bag, made up of ‘recycled satin in aquamarine’ would definitely turn heads at any party, thanks to its shimmery material and delicate stitching around the Heinz brand name.

The description of this very special tote reads: “Making the everyday extraordinary has long been part of the Anya Hindmarch story.

“These sequinned evening totes are a luxurious, beautifully-crafted take on our favourite household brands and create a whimsical evening bag option.”

The tote bag went viral online (
Anya Hindmarch)

Images of the bag were shared on Twitter by the @loveofhuns account – and naturally, the internet became obsessed.

“I’m not joking when I said ‘I need this,’” one person wrote, while another said: “I will never own this baked beans tote bag, and that fact, that sad fact, upsets me.”

“Actually love this and sad it’s so expensive,” a third person whined, as a fourth said wittily: “Baked beans on totes.”

A fifth said: “It’s the genuine want for all of the bags in this thread for me like I genuinely need them.”

If baked beans aren’t your bag (sorry), then there are a number of other tote bags you can buy – if you have a spare £900, of course.

The tomato ketchup bag is also popular (
Anya Hindmarch)

Other options include the Dairy Milk tote (as delicious looking as the chocolate bars themselves), a ketchup red tomato sauce tote and even a black Marmite tote (if you’re looking to divide opinions).

A golden Twix tote, a rich blue cheese and onion crisps tote and a green golden syrup tote are similarly tasty options. 

Not going to lie, we’re tempted to start a GoFundMe page so we can actually afford one of these.

Featured Image Credit: Anya Hindmarch

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