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Adele Fans Can't Believe The Price For Impressive Vinyl Trench Coat Dupe

Adele Fans Can't Believe The Price For Impressive Vinyl Trench Coat Dupe

This gorgeous coat has each of us asking, 'Burberry who?'

We're just going to say it. We love everything about Adele's new era. The gorgeous melodies, the brash interviews, the stunning visuals... and That Trench Coat.

When the songstress first dropped the music video for Easy On Me, the first single from her highly-anticipated album 30, we couldn't help but feel naturally drawn to her outfit. Everything about it screamed 'spenny'; including that sleek, burgundy vinyl trench coat. An instant need.

It's hard not to be obsessed - but where is the coat actually from? And, pre-emptively, how do we find a dupe which won't send us head-first into declaring bankruptcy?

Oh, hello winter wardrobe staple! [
Instagram @adele]

Hardcore fans and casual listeners alike were wondering exactly where the singer got that coat from. Journalist Jason Okundaye wrote on Twitter: "the vinyl trench coat, the nails, the winged eyeliner [...] Adele is for those of us who look expensive but are crying on the inside."

He continued: "Has anyone sourced Adele's vinyl trench coat yet? Asking for ME!"

A follower then confirmed the tragic news that the jacket is, in fact, from Burberry. In a classic nod to Beyoncé, eagled-eyed members of the Beyhive were able to spot the same jacket worn by the Queen herself, in the music video for Jealous.

According to Stylist, there are only two versions of the coat which exist - and they're both owned by the first ladies of music.

The only other bespoke version of the coat belongs to none other than Beyoncé. [

The good news is, high-street dupes are very much available. Frankly, we're absolutely thrilled!

The most affordable non-designer dupe comes courtesy of online staple Boohoo. Coming in at £40, the faux-leather longline trench looks like a convincing doppelganger for Adele's oxblood Burberry jacket.

This Boohoo doppelganger is only £40. [

You can make like the model and pair it with some light-wash mum jeans - or go the full Adele and wear some billowing brown trousers instead.

We love this affordable dupe!

Featured Image Credit: Credit: YouTube

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