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Couple Find Love After Woman Loses Her ID

Couple Find Love After Woman Loses Her ID

The ultimate meet-cute.

Picture the scenario: a woman loses her ID, only for a young man to retrieve it. The pair go their separate ways, only to fall head over heels in love with one another a few years later.

Nope, this isn’t the plot of the new Sally Rooney novel, or Richard Curtis’s latest sappy rom-com, but genuinely what happened to US students Abby Hilditch and Devin Quinn.

Abby's lost phone brought her and her boyfriend together (

On a wild night out in 2018, University of Conneticut student Abby dropped her phone as she made her way back home.

But she was left relieved when good Samaritan Devin emailed her the next morning, explaining he had found her belongings.

“My phone had my university ID in it, which is how Devin got my email, ” Abby explained to Tyla. “That day we met and he gave me my phone back and we went our separate ways.”

Devin found the lost phone and emailed Abby (

Fast-forward three years, and Abby found herself bored swiping through Tinder, only to find herself matching with Devin – who remembered Abby through her phone loss debacle.

His first message to Abby on the app was: “Am I crazy or did I find your lost ID a few years ago?”

And luckily for Devin, Abby remembered too.

“I had to give the guy that found my phone all those years ago a shot, you know?” Abby laughed. “And we clicked instantly! We have been dating for six wonderful months.”

Abby and Devin matched on Tinder three years later (

Abby has shared her and Devin’s story on Twitter, with their tale garnering over 126,000 likes.

In another spooky coincidence, the couple’s six month anniversary also marks exactly three years since Devin returned Abby’s lost phone.

This is insanely adorable!

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Abby Hilditch

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