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Tinder Users Are Setting Their Location To Tokyo To Try And Get A Date With An Olympic Athlete

Tinder Users Are Setting Their Location To Tokyo To Try And Get A Date With An Olympic Athlete

Why didn't we think of this?!

The Tokyo Olympics are currently in full swing and for every viewer tuning in to watch the world's most incredible athletes compete, there's a few people looking for a new date.

Hopeful singles are changing the location of their Tinder profiles to the Olympic Village in Tokyo, Japan, in a bid to bag a date with athletes currently swiping right during their downtime at Olympic games.

A profile alleged to belong to Rory Gibbs has been spotted (

Videos online show profiles reported to belong to Team USA fencer Sabrina Massialas, Zambian swimmer Tilka Paljk and Team GB rower Rory Gibbs looking for dates.

The premium paid-for passport feature is usually used by people who are on holiday or work away from home.

Tinder users can alter their geographical location, from a town on the other side of their country to a city on the other side of the world.

The Olympic Village in Tokyo, Japan (

One TikTok user spotted Irish canoer Liam Jegou and posted his alleged profile page on the video sharing app.

The sportsman replied: “Never thought I’d feature in a viral TikTok – not what I was going for at the games.”

Some users complained their Tinder was now inundated with other non-athletes all doing the same thing.

A Japanese woman from Tokyo has complained about the struggle to find genuine dates (

One Japanese woman living in Tokyo has complained that she was struggling to find any genuine matches due to the amounts of people disingenuously switching their location to Tokyo.

For those looking to get the most matches, a new study has found that having a dog in your Tinder profile picture increases the chance of a match by a whopping 72 per cent.

But it appears that some pooches are more attractive pets for prospective daters than others, with one particular breed coming out on top.

The results have come about as a result of a study by leading raw dog food company ProDog Raw, who compiled data from 2,076 dating app users and their profiles, to discover whether there is a correlation between having a profile picture showing a dog and the number of matches a user gets.

The struggle is real!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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