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Woman Charges 'Cheating' Boyfriend £200 So He Can Send Grovelling Messages

Woman Charges 'Cheating' Boyfriend £200 So He Can Send Grovelling Messages

He broke her heart, she broke his bank account.

One woman is charging her 'cheating' ex-boyfriend £200 a week to keep in contact with her.

Haley Pierce was left heartbroken when she claims to have discovered her boyfriend’s Tinder account had been surprisingly active throughout the pandemic – with the 'love rat' even messaging potential new hook-ups on Haley’s birthday.

Watch Haley's video here.

Naturally, Haley, 20, decided to end their two-year relationship, but was left surprised when her ex-completely broke down and begged her to stay with him.

Explaining the dramatic story on TikTok, Kansas City resident Haley shared her ex’s Tinder profile, and added she took all the pictures on his account.

She continued that her boyfriend had “lied” about his height, and exposed his cringeworthy attempts at flirting with another girl on her birthday, which reads: “Hey! You're so cute I forgot my pick-up line.”

Haley is charging her boyfriend a lot of money for his apologies (

But now, student Haley has spoken out about how her ex is so desperate to get back with him, she’s charging him $300 (£218) just to talk to her.

Haley had blocked her boyfriend on everything except money transferring service CashApp, which allows you to send notes alongside cash.

It’s the only way he can message her, with Haley saying she’s getting “a weekly allowance” from him now.

“Out of nowhere I got this gut feeling about something and I asked him to tell me what he's done,” she explained. “He told me he'd added someone on Snapchat so then I asked to log into his Tinder on my phone.

Haley said she had a "gut feeling" her boyfriend was cheating (

"When I looked I saw all the messages he'd been sending and that he even was sending girls messages on my birthday I blocked him on everything. The next day he bought me cheap flowers, chocolate and a stuffed animal I already had, but it didn't work.”

Haley continued that her ex then called her off his sibling’s phone, offering to give her all his money.

“I told him to send me $300 and I'll have a talk with him, so he did,” she said.

"Now he's paying me that much per week just to stay in contact with him. At first I only allowed him to speak to me through CashApp but then he offered to start buying me food.

"I don't have a good source of income at the moment, so honestly I'm just using him to buy me food. A couple of days ago he took me to the mall and he spent another $300.

Haley shared her ex's embarrassing texts too (

"We used to cook at home, but he's been buying me every meal. He's trying to get back to me by paying me, but I've already told him the second I don't need him anymore I'm done.”

And Haley says she plans on taking the dosh until she’s able to stand on her own two feet.

"It's been hard to leave but at this point I don't even care. How much of a scumbag do you have to be to cheat on your girlfriend of two years?” she explained.

"I'm going to carry this on until I get a steady income. Like if I get a job or I'm able to be an influencer on TikTok. That's when I'll cut off all ties."

Haley previously broke things off with her ex earlier this year when she discovered he had a dating profile.

However, she says she’s now learned her lesson and will not be giving him any more chances.

Well, they do say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

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