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Woman Spots 'Huge Red Flag' That Made Her Dump Date Immediately

Woman Spots 'Huge Red Flag' That Made Her Dump Date Immediately

The woman said she would be ghosting her date after the red flag.

A woman has revealed the 'red flag' that made her decide to immediately ghost a man she had been on a date with.

Sharing what had happened on TikTok, the woman posted a video of her doorbell camera, which had recorded the incident.

You can watch it below:


The woman later added in the comments that the first red flag of the evening occurred after her date failed to 'open any doors for her'.

Others agreed not waiting for her to safely get inside her home was definitely a red flag, with one commenting: "It's just human decency to wait for anyone to get in their house."

While another said: "Some of y'all's parents didn't raise you properly. You always wait for the person to get into the house regardless of who it is."

And a third added: "Even my Uber waits for me to go inside."

The woman can be seen walking up the driveway (

Another pointed out: "I always wait regardless of who I'm dropping off. What if they lost their keys and can't get in or something?"

"Date or not, you should always wait until they are inside the house... I normally walk up with them just to be extra sure they're okay," added another.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jadealyzaee

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