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Woman Gets Enormous Tattoo Of Boyfriend's Name - And He Dumps Her A Week Later

Woman Gets Enormous Tattoo Of Boyfriend's Name - And He Dumps Her A Week Later

No regrets.

We've all done things we regret when it comes to our exes, right? Whether it's a date that ended horribly, a gift we shouldn't have given them - or the entire relationship!

What would social media be without people posting the tattoos they shouldn't have got? At this point, it must be pretty common to get your partner's name tattooed on you, only to cover it up a few years later after you break up...

One TikToker took this to the ultimate level, getting a full-length tattoo of her ex-boyfriend's name on her back - only for the couple to call it quits one week later. Yikes!

You can see the tat below:

The TikToker, known for posting funny clips and life updates, shared a video about the unfortunate experience with her followers.

"I heard you got a tattoo of your exes [sic] name and then y'all broke up a week later," she jokingly asked herself. The sound was spliced between Adele's Rumour Has It and Lizzo's Rumors.

She answered her own question by lip syncing along to the latter's lyrics; 'all the rumours are true/yep'. The caption simply said, "oops".

It's pretty common to regret your loved-up tattoos. [

The video has exploded on TikTok, generating a whopping 5.4 million views - and we think it's safe to say viewers saw the funny side of the situation!

One follower had a similar hilarious story. "My ex did this, he had me tatted as a pin-up girl on his calf... his wife gets to see it every day now."

Other users were reminding Ashlyn that getting your partner's name tattooed on your body can spell bad luck for the relationship. "It's bad to get a tattoo with your s/o [sic] name, don't you know," said one person.

This tattoo had us gobsmacked. [

Two days later, the content creator posted a big reveal of the ink - and it's pretty much the least subtle tattoo we've ever seen.

The design runs all the way down her spine, spelling out 'A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R' in bold, black letters.

We're rarely lost for words at HQ, but this had us gobsmacked. Ouch!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok: @..ashlyn.grace

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