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People Are Sharing How Their Affairs Started And It Makes For Harrowing Reading

People Are Sharing How Their Affairs Started And It Makes For Harrowing Reading

Love is dead.

As much as we are all looking for true love, there’s often a few curveballs along the way.

Hearts across the world have been broken before as the person they thought were The One may have fallen for someone else – be it just as a one-off kiss or a fully fledged, illicit affair.

Out of curiosity of how the latter starts, on person posed the question “How Did Your Affair Start” on Reddit – and the results are shocking.

Some people confessed to how their affairs started (

One person told the story about how some banter from a work colleague spiralled out of control.

“One day the conversation started to get a little NSFW in a personal, not sexual way so we can change numbers and continued the conversation,” he explained.

“While still at work we are texting back and forth, she’s telling me things she’s could never say at work because of the environment and so on. A little into the conversation she implies something sexual and all of a sudden we are full out sexting one another.

“No longer implying but now in full graphic detail going back and fourth on the things we’d do to each other.

“The end of the day starts to come around and we are trying to conclude things, she suggest I walk her to her car and that was the beginning of what I would go on for two years.”

One person said how their affair went on for two years (

The person continued the pair were “friends with benefits” for two years, keeping the affair secret from their co-workers for years.

The affair drew to a close when the man in question ended up meeting his lover’s husband when she was dogsitting for him.

“I knew who he was before he started speaking. It doesn’t help that he knew why I was there and introduced himself as her husband,” he explained. “She had left to go meet me in the lobby and while we waited for her to return her husband and I had a conversation. He seemed like a really good guy. Not normal good but one of those genuinely nice people.

“I felt sick the entire time.”

Another person revealed their affair started after she confessed her relationship problems to them.

“We grew closer over time, sharing insecurities and what not. Eventually we developed feelings, on which we could not act. Eventually, those feelings became too strong and we caved,” they wrote.

Another person said they had an affair after a woman confessed to relationship problems (

“It lasted for 1.5 years - me trying to commit to this new thing we developed, her not completely able to let go. She jumped between me and the other. Eventually I realised my committing to and feeling for her were unhealthy. And I realised (too late) that I didn't want to be the person that made someone else cheat.”

A third person wrote a very bitter reason why they decided to cheat.

“Found out she was cheating on me. Decided to cheat on her as an act of ‘revenge,’” they wrote. “It did not make me feel any better, pretty much the exact opposite actually. I just felt like I was a piece of s**t as well.

“It was a very short ‘affair.’”

You can read more confessions here.

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