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This Man's Apology To His Girlfriend Has People Absolutely Fuming

This Man's Apology To His Girlfriend Has People Absolutely Fuming

Is this guy for real?

Arguments are always a part of a relationship and sometimes all you need is a sincere apology to help smooth things over (as well as maybe a gift or two!).

That's what it seemed like when this man shared his sorry note and presents to his girlfriend on Twitter. However, upon closer inspection of the apology letter, people are calling it out for where it falls short.

The man shared the picture of the gifts and note alongside the caption: "Went pub last night and come home and had a bit of an argument with the missus. I’ll be the bigger man and apologise.."

The apology started off well with a bouquet of flowers and chocolate (

The gifts included a bouquet of Tesco's Finest roses, a box of Thorntons Pearls and a mega pack of tampons. The letter started off with: "The chocolates are cos I love you. The flowers are cos I'm sorry."

However, the last line took a different turn: "The Tampax are cos I'm still not sure why I'm apologising so I guess you'll need these any day now."

There were a lot of people taken aback by the implication that the man's girlfriend is irrational because her period could be around the corner.

The apology fell flat t the end for a lot of people (

People's responses to the tweet called the man out on his attempt at a joke at the end.

One person asked: "Tonight on: do straight men actually like women?"

Another highlighted most people's problem with it: "Are you really apologising if you’re saying “I’m not sure why I’m apologising” and suggesting that you don’t need to because period/PMS = overreaction".

Someone else tweeted about the disappointment they felt: "Thought it was cute until i got to the tampons part … it’s 2021 and y’all are still dismissing your gf’s emotions to the period joke ?? pathetic".

Women were making the point that strong emotions weren't always down to periods (
Pexels/Keira Burton)

"Can men actually use their brains and stop thinking that when a woman is sad, upset, annoyed or mad that they are either due on or on their period like we literally feel those things all the time", wrote another person who wasn't here for any reductive period jokes.

One tweeter simply said: "Dump, block, leave 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩".

Well then, we'd suggest to any guys out there who are arguing with their "missus" to think twice before making a period joke when your girlfriend is upset.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/SullivansTweets

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