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Women Are Roasting This Man’s Hilarious Tinder Profile

Women Are Roasting This Man’s Hilarious Tinder Profile

Is this guy for real?

We’re all guilty of screenshotting a cringey dating bio and sending it to the group chat for a laugh. But after a Reddit user shared this man’s Tinder profile, women have gathered to roast him.

Paul’s Tinder profile was shared to Reddit with the original poster adding the caption: "Paul… a true keeper."

Women were cringing at Paul's About section (

The 41-year-old’s bio read: “I see average and ugly women everyday, everywhere I go. Why would I want to associate with more of them on dating sites???

“Please be a 8.5 or better!! I’ve had sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world, so I kinda need something nice to keep my attention!!

“In closing looks are by FAR a woman’s most important asset and any woman that doesn’t get that is an idiot! Here’s the math ugly woman = weak man, got it!”

Such a charmer.

Elsewhere on his profile, Paul also said his job was "Telling other men what to do" (

But people weren’t putting up with this. The Reddit thread had plenty to say about Paul.

“Form an orderly que please ladies...we will have the 10's over here, 9.9-8.6's huddled in a group over there & the 8.5's in a holding pen. This bloke is an uber tool...”, mocked one person who wasn’t so keen on Paul’s rating system.

Someone else also poked fun at Paul’s numbers game: “his personality is worth a 1”.

Reddit users had their own  theories as to why Paul hadn't found love yet (

Others speculated as to Paul’s reasoning for being on the dating app in the first place.

One person replied in the thread: "Slept with some of the world's most beautiful women yet none of them has stuck around and he is on Tinder... That says it all to me".

Another piped up: “That was my first thought as well. Apparently, he couldn't keep any of them lmao".

"‘Shut up Paul’ was my whole mood reading his bio", said one Reddit user, embodying the feelings of plenty of the people in the thread.

“Verified douche?”, quipped someone else.

Some of Paul's "Passions" include activism (

People also took a gander at the rest of his profile, clocking a certain aspect of his “passions” where he listed “activism”.

“"Activism"... I wonder what he's an activist for exactly, himself?”, questioned one skeptical Reddit user.

Sorry Paul, but it’s a swipe left from me.

Featured Image Credit: Tinder

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