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People Are Now Debating Online Whether Your Boyfriend Should Be Allowed To Hug People

People Are Now Debating Online Whether Your Boyfriend Should Be Allowed To Hug People

A viral tweet has people discussing whether your boyfriend should be allowed to hug people by way of greeting.

Relationships are complicated, and every couple has different standards for how they want their other half to act around others - but the latest internet discourse has many of us scratching our heads.

A semi-viral tweet had one woman asking: "Imagine your man hugging everyone at the party," with an unsure, woozy-faced emoji - and now people are debating whether your boyfriend should be allowed to hug people at all or if that would be considered a betrayal.

Some people agreed with her, saying that they wouldn't like it either if their boyfriend was going around hugging everyone, including other women, and telling her that not only is she right to be upset but she should "leave that man" right now.

One person posted a photo of a woman standing awkwardly at the edge, implying that while your boyfriend is going around hugging everyone, you would just be standing there waiting without being introduced to any of them.

Hugs are common greetings at social gatherings. (
Kelsey Chance/Unsplash)

When someone replied saying they didn't see an issue with it, another person said: "Okay but imagine your girl is hugging everyone at the party. first, how does she know that many people in a party event? And most of the boys she hugged were past..." suggesting that they may be exes.

Many responses were simply confused by why it was an issue, saying that it is merely insecurity that inspired the tweet and the 'rule' behind it.

One person asked, "Why are you insecure?" to which a woman replied: "It's not about being insecure, it's called having some self-respect!"

We shouldn't act like we 'own' our partners. (
Heather Mount/Unsplash)

Others told the Twitter user that they needed to "hug more people" and recognise that it's "not that deep" as dating popular or friendly men will naturally mean they know a lot of people and will hug them in greeting.

One woman had a specific rule in mind for her "man" hugging people, saying it would be fine as long as he doesn't hug "specific babes" and no one else because that would cause her to have a problem.

Perhaps insecurity or a lack of trust is to blame. (
Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash)

Additionally, as some people pointed out, a hug is a common greeting for acquaintances and friends in the UK so it shouldn't be considered "problematic" for your boyfriend to hug people at a party.

Featured Image Credit: (Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash)

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