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People Can't Decide If Going To 'Big Tesco' Counts As A Date

People Can't Decide If Going To 'Big Tesco' Counts As A Date

Not the walk down the aisle we were hoping for...

One Reddit user has sparked a debate online over whether or not a trip to "Big Tesco" (or Tesco Extra) could count as a date with your partner.

The idea of a simple trip to the supermarket had people seriously divided, and while some people agreed that a trip to Tesco makes for a great date if you do it right, others were horrified at the thought.

Looking to solve a disagreement with their partner, the OP wrote: "My girlfriend thinks going to big Tesco together counts as a date. I completely disagree, what is everyone else’s opinion?"

Would you consider a trip to "Big Tesco" a real date? (

Many sided with the poster, arguing that an everyday trip to the supermarket would be a rather unimpressive setting for a date.

One user answered: "Only if you buy stuff you ordinarily wouldn't. trampoline=date. groceries=not date."

Another commented: "I wouldn't think of it as a date personally. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but a date to me would imply going to a pub or restaurant, a nice walk or something like that."

Others strongly disagreed, and were convinced that a trip to Tesco could be a fantastic date activity with the right person.

One person wrote: "Fk yeah it does, going to the big Tesco is like going to IKEA."

Another said: "Absolutely is a date. My fiance and I have Tesco dates in the evenings."

Some people were horrified at the thought of Big Tesco as a date location. (

Many couples with children chimed in and added that a Big Tesco was the perfect location for some alone time.

One user commented: "100%. One of the most common date nights we have is going to the big supermarket with nice stuff and doing a good shop. Then coming back home and drinking wine while eating supermarket sushi. Not exactly fancy but we've got a toddler."

Another added: "My Wife and I still enjoy doing the food shop together (that's happened much less due to youknowwhat), but I think food shopping is a great way to get to really know someone. You can see how compatible you are when it comes to food, meal planning, cooking ability and decision making (especially with money)."

Others were adamant that a trip to Big Tesco only counted as a date if you made use of all of its amenities.

A Big Tesco date could tell you a lot about your partner. (

One person wrote: "Depends if you go to the cafe or not."

Another commented: "If it’s a Tesco extra you can go to the TV Dept and see what’s on, go the cafe for a meal and then sit in the car park with a couple of bottles and see what happens..."

Would you be happy if your partner took you on a date to the supermarket?

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