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Woman Horrified As Man 'Secretly Films Her' In Gym

Woman Horrified As Man 'Secretly Films Her' In Gym

A woman caught a man recording her on his phone at the gym.

A woman was left 'disgusted' after accidentally catching a man appearing to secretly film her in the gym.

Watch the disturbing clip below:

TikTok user @marziii10 shared the uncomfortable clip which sees her recording herself as she lifts weights in the gym.

However, a man walks into frame and upon closer inspection of the phone he's holding it appears he's actually recording the woman from behind.

After noticing the man walk into frame, the TikToker apologises to the man as she walks over to her phone, in an attempt to stop him recording as he strolls past.

A woman caught a man filming her in the gym (

It was only after watching the footage back later in her car she realised the man's odd behaviour.

"I was recording myself but it looks like I wasn't the only one," she captioned the video.

Women and men defended the TikToker in the comments and called out the man’s strange behaviour for recording her without her consent. 

“She was recording HERSELF, not him.” One person wrote. “He had no right to record her.”

While another person wrote: “U know what’s sad bout this, someones gonna tell u its ur fault for that happening… hang in there n turn him in if u see him again.. [sic]”

A woman in the comments said this is the reason she only attends women-only gyms (

However some people were in defence of the man because the TikToker because she was already recording herself, which is a ridiculous argument. 

“A lot of yall that are defending the guy would probably do the same thing he’s doing.”

A TikTok user said: “She was recording HERSELF, not him. He had no right to record her.”

One man said: “Why y’all always pointing out clothing?! There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s gym attire.”

In response to the video, another TikTok user replied: “Aaaaaand this is why I go to an all girls gym.”

Featured Image Credit: Marziii10/TikTok

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