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Unsolved Mysteries Producers Already Have Ideas for Volume 3

Unsolved Mysteries Producers Already Have Ideas for Volume 3

Don't worry, there are more cases to be solved...

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

When Netflix brought back Unsolved Mysteries in July this year, it left fans intrigued as it delved deeper into unsolved, true crime stories - including the disappearance of the convicted murderer and sex offender, Lester Eubanks to strange UFO sightings.

Days after the show's second volume hit the streaming platform on October 19th, it took first place in the streamer's Top 10 ranking. Luckily for us, the series' producer Terry Dunn Meurer has spilled some details into the show's future.

"We have thought about it. We have ideas. We have some really great stories that we feel are strong stories," Terry said to Cinema Blend.

"Production is starting to come back and with a lot of Covid protocol, for sure. It takes some time for us to develop the stories and scout the story's outline, the story's people before we actually go into production."

Netflix has implemented safety precautions to keep the crew and cast safe during the production. This means we could have to wait longer for our favourite shows like Unsolved Mysteries to return.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 has been a huge success (

In the meantime, there may be something for the fans who have already binged through the latest crop of mysteries. There will always be mysteries to be solved - and the team behind Unsolved Mysteries have announced a new podcast inspired by the show to fill the void between the first two volumes and the potential third series.

Porter Stansberry declined to cooperate with authorities or be interviewed for 'Unsolved Mysteries' (

The podcast will feature all new cases each week. Though a podcast is very different from a TV show, listeners will be treated to the original theme music and a narrator - like the original TV 1987-2010 show and its revivals - as well as interviews with people who were originally involved in the cases. Deadline reports that the podcast is currently set to premiere in early 2021.

Lester Eubanks mug shots (

There will also be a call for listeners to help solve the cases by providing helpful information and as the first volume of the Netflix revival has shown us, fans are more than willing to assist with potential clues where they can. Speaking to TMZ, creator of the series, Terry Dunn Meurer, said that he'd received "hundreds" of leads with regard to the criminal's whereabouts, and has since passed the credible ones on to law enforcement.

Although we can't be sure when Unsolved Mysteries will return there's certainly lots for the show's fans-turned-amateur sleuths to look forward too.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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