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Loose Women: Tom Parker's Wife Kelsey Says Their Children 'Don't Know Their Daddy Is Ill'

Loose Women: Tom Parker's Wife Kelsey Says Their Children 'Don't Know Their Daddy Is Ill'

The Wanted singer Tom Parker's wife appeared on Loose Women to talk about his cancer battle.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

The Wanted star Tom Parker's wife, Kelsey Hardwick, said that their kids "don't know" their dad is ill as he continues his cancer battle.

The 32-year-old 'Glad You Came' hitmaker told fans last October that he was battling grade IV glioblastoma - an inoperable brain tumour, which has a life expectancy of anywhere from three months to 18 months on average, after diagnosis.

And while the singer has been undergoing rigorous treatment ever since, speaking during an interview on Loose Women, Kelsey said that, fortunately, their kids - Bodhi, five months and one-year-old Aurelia Rose - are "doing really well" through it all, and aren't even aware he's currently unwell.

"They're doing really well. I just think that they don't really know that daddy is ill at the moment," she said as she appeared on the ITV show, to mark Brain Tumour Awareness Mont"When Tom goes off to treatment, he's off or he's going to work or wherever he's going.

"So to them, they don't really know how ill their dad actually is. They're doing so well, the kids....we're all doing really well."

Kelsey said that while, at first, it was hard to maintain a positive mindset, the family are now keeping their spirits high - in no small part down to the improvements in Tom's condition.

In January of this year, the singer announced he had fortunately seen a significant reduction in his tumour, and is responding positively to treatment.

Kelsey said the family was doing really well (

"We had a meeting last Thursday and he's just had another stable scan," Kelsey added on the daytime TV show.

"We've only just started our second round [of chemotherapy], so we've had radio and chemo, we've had a bit of a break, because he had a bit of a dodgy liver, and now we've just started the second round of chemo.

"The tumour has shrunk, we've had a significant reduction. We were all just in tears when we got that news in January. We just couldn't believe it. We were just all so overwhelmed.

"We're going forward and we've just to remain as positive as we possibly can."

Kelsey told the panel she's still looking forward to the future, and refusing to give up hope.

The pair are parents to Bodhi, five months and one-year-old Aurelia Rose (
Instagram/ Tom Parker)

When asked if she wants to expand their brood, she said: "Oh 100 per cent. I want four babies."

Meanwhile, offering advice to others who may be in a similar position, she said: "Look forward, don't look back. Take every day as it comes.

"You're on a rollercoaster, hold tight and just ride it. It is waves and waves - it is, you'll get one good day and then you might get three bad days.

"But then you get another good day. So you just have to keep pushing forward and look forward.

"It is one step at a time, that's all I can say. At the beginning, just listen to your body, do what you can do."

The show also invited Tom's bandmate Max George to send a video message in, where he told "superhero" Kelsey how proud he was of both of them, adding: "We're all on this journey with you".

Tom Parker recently revealed his tumour has shrunk (
Instagram/ Tom Parker)

"I've got a lot on my shoulders. It's so overwhelming when people say you're an inspiration," Kelsey said. "[Or] you're a superhero, because at the end of the day, Tom's my husband, I love him and I just want him to get better and that is all I think about."

During her appearance, Kelsey also urged viewers not to ignore signs of a brain tumour, from headaches to bad hearing to sore ears. You can read up on all the signs on the NHS Website.

"The earlier they can detect this the earlier they can work on it and help you," she said.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV and catch up on the ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Tom Parker

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