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Nicole Kidman Hints Big Little Lies Could Return Next Year

Nicole Kidman Hints Big Little Lies Could Return Next Year

Celeste Wright and co may be back sooner than you think...

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

With Covid-19 disrupting life as we know it, we are in dire need of entertainment from our favourite shows RN - and it seems Oscar winner Nicole Kidman has the solution.

Nicole revealed during an interview on Zoe Ball's Radio 2 show on Wednesday morning that her hit mystery drama series Big Little Lies could return for a third season.

And it may be back sooner than you think...even as soon as next year. It's time to get excited!

In addition to starring on the show as domestic abuse victim and mother Celeste Wright, a role which has won Nicole numerous awards for her performance, she is also a producer alongside co-star and friend Reese Witherspoon.

Big Little Lies is an Emmy and Golden Globe winning hit (

The next two years will be very busy for Reese; in addition to starring in and co-producing Big Little Lies, she also has the newly announced Legally Blonde 3 movie on her agenda too.

When Zoe asked Nicole about a potential third season Nicole said: "I have an inkling there will. Reese and I talk about it a lot and Zoe [Kravitz], Shay [Woodley], all of us, Laura [Dern] - who is actually over there now, she's in London right now."

Laura Dern is in London fighting dinosaurs on set of Jurassic World 3 with co-star Chris Pratt.

Nicole added: "We're desperate to get together again."

The Big Little Lies cast can't wait to get together again (

Big Little Lies is based on a novel by Australian writer Liane Moriarty and was originally announced by HBO, the same network that gave us Game of Thrones, as a miniseries meaning it would only have one season. However the popularity of the show enticed everyone involved to give the world more tales involving Celeste and her associates as they become entangled in a murder investigation.

Nicole revealed Liane is hard at work crafting a follow-up book which may form the basis of a potential third season.

"Liane's writing a book, so hopefully that will result in a third series," Nicole said. "I can't say that it will be next year, but it might be... it might be. "

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in The Undoing (

Nicole was on the Radio 2 breakfast show to chat to Zoe about another one of her TV projects, another HBO miniseries called The Undoing which is produced by the same talented folk behind Big Little Lies. Nicole plays a therapist, Grace Fraser, whose perfect life falls apart when a shocking accusation is made against her husband, played by Hugh Grant. The Undoing will be available on Sky Atlantic & NOW TV from 26 October.

Perhaps the show will fill the Big Little Lies shaped hole in our lives until it comes back!

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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