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Miscarriage: Our Story: EastEnders' Lacey Turner Opens Up On Miscarriage In Emotional Footage

Miscarriage: Our Story: EastEnders' Lacey Turner Opens Up On Miscarriage In Emotional Footage

The Channel 5 documentary sees nine brave women and men discuss their heartbreaking experiences of miscarriage.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Miscarriage: Our Story is airing on Channel 5 tonight, and nine brave men and women are telling their stories in honour of International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

The show, created as part of baby loss awareness week, will see Lacey Turner, Jane Danson, Natasha Kaplinsky, Izzy Judd, Anna Whitehouse, Matt Farquharson, Jessica Hepburn, Lisa Francesca Nand and David Kirk open up on their heartbreaking experiences.

Check out a clip below:

While devastating, their candidness couldn't be more important, seeing as one in four pregnancies still currently ends in miscarriage.

Research conducted by Channel 5 also showed that 82 per cent of those who experienced a miscarriage with a current or ex-partner were not, or did not recall, being able to access bereavement care or mental health support after their miscarriage.

Plus, more than half (55 per cent) of those who've experienced a miscarriage with a current or ex-partner said their partner struggled to talk to friends and family about their miscarriage, while almost half (47 per cent) said they found it difficult to talk to their own partner about it.

Speaking in a clip from the doc, we see EastEnders actress Lacey recall how she went back to work the next day, and "carried on like nothing happened".

Lacey was at work when she miscarried (
Channel 5)

"I probably was walking round feeling so heartbroken, yet nobody would of had a clue," she said.

"I felt so lonely and I didn't speak about it...what we should have done was talked to each other, but because we didn't it actually made both of us really lonely."

After her miscarriages, Lacey underwent tests to find out if any underlying medical issues had caused the loss of her baby, and then tried for six months to get pregnant.

She welcomed her daughter Dusty in July 2019, and recently found out she is expecting for a third time, describing the moment she passed the six week mark as a "huge relief".

On why she took part in the film, Lacy added: "I found since opening up it has helped myself and many others, it helps to raise awareness and helps people to not feel so alone, something that is a really common feeling when having a miscarriage."

Lacey welcomed her daughter Dusty last year (

Lacey was joined by BBC broadcaster Natasha Kaplinsky in telling her story.

"I was reading the 6 o'clock news for the BBC, and crucially I was trying to stay pregnant," she said.

"But when I hadn't even told my family I was pregnant the national newspapers seemed to know that I was struggling to hold onto my pregnancies, even though I didn't understand how they knew.

"And I was frequently having to make deals with newspapers not to publish exchange for other stories, just to try and keep my privacy."

She added: "That was an added layer of trauma that I really didn't need and didn't appreciate.

Jane Danson also speaks out (
Channel 5)

"That was really hard... that really hurts looking back on that now, thinking that those intensely private moments were being snooped on."

Meanwhile, Jane Danson revealed she "just shut down" after hearing she'd lost her baby during her 12 week scan.

"It did take about three years for me to fully have the conversation about how I was just festered, and lingered for a long time, and I didn't, couldn't find the words," she recalled.

Miscarriage: Our Story airs on Thursday 15th October at 10pm on Channel 5. If you've suffered something similar, you can reach out to the Miscarriage Association here.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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