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Jeffrey Epstein Survivor Kiki Doe Reveals She Was 'Unable To Function' After Assault

Jeffrey Epstein Survivor Kiki Doe Reveals She Was 'Unable To Function' After Assault

Survivor Kiki Doe has bravely spoken to Tyla about the aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged abuse.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Jeffrey Epstein survivor Kiki Doe has tragically revealed how the billionaire paedophile's alleged abuse left her "unable to function".

In an exclusive interview with Tyla, the former New York model - known as Jane Doe two in court documents - opened up on the aftermath of her traumatic encounter with Epstein, and detailed how he took her "light, bright" life, and made it feel "very dark".

Kiki was abused by Epstein in 2004, after being 'recruited' by one of his co-conspirators at the New York diner where she worked.

Kiki says the assault turned her into a 'different person' (

"When I moved to New York before this occurred I was full of adventure," she said. "I was really pretty fearless for being 19 years old.

"I travelled on my own before that from the time I was 14 years old for modelling jobs, and the effect [of the assault] was I was a completely different person. I was in fact the polar opposite."

Kiki was recruited by one of Epstein's co-conspirators while working at New York's infamous Brazilian-American diner Coffee Shop to make ends meet, while pursuing modelling work.

"I was in a pretty good place," she said. "I was feeling like there were going to be some really exciting things happening and there were going to be some really good prospects.

"So that moment when she approached me in the restaurant really altered my life."

Epstein's New York mansion, where he is believed to have abused dozens of young girls (

What followed was persistent grooming from the recruiter, who invited Kiki to massage Epstein, despite the fact she had no previous experience.

She promised Kiki the financier could offer "young, pretty girls" like her prospects, and boasted of his impressive "ties to the fashion industry," meaning the job was an offer she felt like she couldn't refuse.

Appearing in new documentary Surviving Jeffrey Epstein - airing on Crime & Investigation on Tuesday 25th August - Kiki describes the horrific events that followed.

"He lay face down on the massage table, where I very awkwardly began to massage him," she recalls in the series.

"I didn't know what I was doing, I was like, 'This guy's gonna hate this'.

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly assaulted Kiki as she gave Epstein a massage (

"He asked me to take my clothes off. I was trembling - I was so scared - and I took my clothes off. Then he began to touch me aggressively, and it quickly turned into an assault.

"I distinctly remember him smiling enjoying the fact that he was doing this horrible thing to me that obviously terrified me and was violating me... he was somehow getting off on that."

Heartbreakingly, the assault was Kiki's first ever sexual experience. Speaking to Tyla about how her life changed after the alleged incident, she said: "I had my parents come and get me [from New York] because I was unable to function.

"I came home and I went from being a social, inquisitive, excited person looking for adventure and new and different things to someone that would lock herself in her room.

"I didn't talk to anyone... I couldn't even talk to my parents."

Left terrified, confused and not even aware that she was a victim, Kiki added: "They had no idea what was going on with me, they were very concerned. And that persisted for I believe a couple of years.

"I was scared to leave the house. I actually think I was thoroughly agoraphobic at the point.

"I cut off contact with everyone," she said. "And my life went from being very light and bright with potential to very very dark."

In the years that followed Kiki's abuse, she was also having suicidal thoughts, and suffered from manic depression, which ruled her life until she sought psychological help.

Kiki's therapist, Dr Janice Stevenson, has been coaching her through the trauma (

While a combination of therapy and speaking out on Epstein's assault have been "cathartic" for her, the survivor sadly says she's still a long way from feeling completely healed.

Her therapist Dr Janice Stevenson, who has worked with trauma sufferers for 40 years and also appears in the Lifetime documentary, told Tyla that Kiki still struggles to escape the memories of that day.

"If you look at [Kiki's] face, she's there," Dr Janice said. "The movie is playing in her head and she's in the movie. The struggle is that the movie is no longer happening," she said.

"The pull back [to that place] is literally just a breath away, and until we get her belief system in a better place, that's the struggle. Every victim is subject to this."

Kiki - who is not using her full name for privacy - spoke of her assault for the first time last year, following Epstein's death in a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial.

During an interview on Dr Oz in November 2019, she credited previous survivors who had spoken out for helping her to realise what had happened to her, and give her the courage to tell her truth.

Kiki first talked about her assault on Dr Oz (

She later went on to write an open letter to the Duke Of York, Prince Andrew, which read: "There's no question that you had close ties to Jeffrey Epstein dating back to the 90s.

"My sexual assault occurred in 2004 when I was just 19. Of all people, you had the power to influence and to say something, yet you didn't. Years went by and you didn't."

She added: "I can't help but think I could have been spared and potentially hundreds of other children and young women could have also been spared. Now's your chance to speak to the FBI and do the right thing."

Kiki says she still hasn't had a response from the disgraced royal, who stepped back from royal duties following a disastrous Newsnight interview about his ties to Epstein.

Kiki Doe wrote an open letter to the Duke of York (
BBC Newsnight)

Reflecting on the Duke's continued silence when it came to Epstein, Kiki told Tyla: "I think that enough has been said and enough pressure has been implemented for him to finally feel pressure to speak and he still hasn't."

The Palace has continually insisted that Andrew is willing to work with US prosecutors to help in their investigation into Epstein's sex crimes, of which he vehemently denies having any knowledge.

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein premieres on CRIME+INVESTIGATION with a double episode airing on Tuesday 25th August at 9pm

Parts three and four will be broadcast the following evening on Wednesday 26th August at 9pm

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