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New Snaps Of £3.5billion 'UK Disneyland' Show All Of The Rides And Attractions

New Snaps Of £3.5billion 'UK Disneyland' Show All Of The Rides And Attractions

The new theme park, in Kent, is being dubbed the UK's Disneyland.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

New pictures have been released of The London Resort, the huge new theme park being dubbed the UK's Disneyland.

The park, in Swanscombe, Kent, is set be the size of 136 Wembley Stadiums put together, and it will be filled with incredible 'worlds' each packed with immersive experiences, themed rides and attractions.

And now there are new images, showing just how magical it's going to be when it's all built in 2024.

In the pictures, we're given a hint of some of the rides and attractions to expect.

New pictures show what the park is meant to look like (
The London Resort)

We already know there's going to be seven 'worlds' in total: The Jungle, The Woods, The Kingdom, The Studio, The Isles, Starport and the High Street.

Each zone is themed, with the High Street boasting a grand plaza with a Las Vegas vibe.

And we can see many of these areas come to life in the new images.

The Jungle is likely the Aztec-themed area, featuring a pyramid and an ancient citadel inside, meanwhile you can see that one of the lands is decorated like a medieval castle - could that be The Kingdom?!

Check out The Jungle, bottom centre (
The London Resort)

The images also tease at least eight large rollercoasters, as well as a log fume ride, among other rides.

(In fact, plans suggest there are more than 50 rides and attractions, in total - as well as a theatre and a huge nightclub).

There's also a fairground featuring a carousel and helter skelter. Plus, if you take a closer look, there's another large blue building which is shaped like a fish.

Perhaps an aquarium or an underwater immersive experience is on the cards?

There are seven worlds to explore (
The London Resort)

Plans for the park look seriously epic. In The Studios, visitors will be able to watch and learn about their favourite big-screen Paramount blockbusters and there's even a 2,000 seat theatre.

Meanwhile, in The Woods, guests can expect an enchanted world filled with fairy tale themes and characters from classic bedtime stories.

There are fairground rides and eight rollercoasters (
The London Resort)

Head over to the The Kingdom for a mystical experience filled with legend and sorcery. There'll be castles, dragons and England will be portrayed as "a dark and ancient land, a place of threatening and imposing castles and mystical Arthurian legends".

Over on The Isles, expect "giant creatures and mythical beasts" while in The Jungle visitors will venture into ancient ruins surrounded by vast, leafy treetops.

Last but not least, Starport is one for the sci-fi fans, with an intergalactic theme, alien creatures and futuristic rides.

The huge park will feature seven zones (
The London Resort)

Importantly, The London Resort will be committed to green energy, partnering with EDF Energy and aiming to produce the lowest carbon footprint of any theme park in the world.

Plus, the clever park designers have promised that 70 per cent of their attractions will be undercover, to allow for the British weather. Result!

Not only will it be the biggest European theme park to be built since Disneyland Paris, which opened its doors in 1992, but it is going to be packed full of references to our favourite TV shows, thanks to its partnerships with ITV Studios, the BBC and Paramount Pictures.

This means the rides are expected to be based on BBC and ITV shows as well as Paramount films.

(Crosses fingers for a Peaky Blinders ride and a Love Island experience...)

A previously released image shows an ariel shot of the resort (
The London Resort)

The resort is just a 17 minute train ride from London St Pancras, making it easily accessible for Londoners and commuters alike.

The initial plan is for the resort to consist of two parks, one opening in 2024 and the next in 2029.

Can they hurry up already?! We can't wait any longer...

Featured Image Credit: The London Resort

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