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You Can Now Stay In The Real Life 'Downton Abbey' Highclere Castle On AirBnB

You Can Now Stay In The Real Life 'Downton Abbey' Highclere Castle On AirBnB

If you've always dreamt of being a Lord or Lady of 'Downton Abbey', now is your big chance.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you've already lost it over the recent release of the Downton Abbey film, we may have news that will tip you over the edge.

Fans of the show now have the chance to live their best Downton lives, as Highclere Castle where the series is filmed, is swinging open its doors and letting out a luxurious room to two lucky guests for only £150-a-night.

Highclere Estate/AirBnB

Earl and Countess of Carnarvon who live on the estate in Hampshire, are inviting fans to stay in one of the 300 iconic lavish rooms, which will boast stunning views across the 1,000 acres of parkland.

The offer is for one night only on November 26th, but only two winners will be selected by the Earl and Countess themselves.

Reservations open at noon on October 1st, but you need to already be an AirBnB member and prove you have a good history on the site with plenty of good reviews from previous hosts.

And of course, you need to show you're Downton's number one fan - they don't want any old fan staying!


The winners will have access to the castle's 100,000 square-foot interior and grounds, with an evening of cocktails in the saloon joined by the Carnarvons, followed by a private three-course dinner in the state dining room.

Naturally, you will have a butler too, this wouldn't be Downton without your very own Mr Carson now would it?

The lavish evening doesn't stop at dinner, because afterwards you will retire for coffee served in the library and be served breakfast the next morning before being given a private tour of the grounds.

Air BnB's listing says you will "get the opportunity to live like the Lord or Lady of a stately home" and guests "will be will be treated like royalty during their stay".

Sign us up!


The listing will allow applications from midday on October 1st, so mark your diaries ready, we imagine you'll need to be quick off the mark.

You can see the listing currently here, but it is not yet open to reservations.

When you do apply, don't forget to to include a message with your reservation request to explain why you deserve to stay at Downton Abbey - this could be what seals the deal for you, so get creative.

You will need to indicate who your guest will be too.

Lady Carnavon said in her listing: "I am passionate about the stories and heritage of Highclere Castle and I am delighted to be able to share it with others who have a love of the building and its history.

"With the support of Airbnb, I am excited to open Highclere Castle up for a truly unique stay."

Just pass us a crown, we were born to live in a castle.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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