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Woman Outraged After Being Refused Club Entry For Footwear Choice

Woman Outraged After Being Refused Club Entry For Footwear Choice

Flat shoes, no matter how fashionable, were not the right fit for this night out.

Now lockdown restrictions have wound down and nightclubs are open once more, many of us are going out dancing until the sun comes up.

And while we do dress up to the nines to hit the dancefloor, nine times out of ten, flat shoes are a must for a big night out (because there’s no point wearing six inch heels if you can’t dance in them).

So we totally understand this woman’s frustration when she took to TikTok to vent how she wasn’t allowed into a nightclub for wearing flats.

Watch the video below.

Annabel Kershaw was excited for a night out in History nightclub in Manchester with her pals, but claims she was denied entry by the doormen as her and her friends were wearing trainers and sandals.

“Don’t come to History nightclub,” she says to the camera, “Because you won’t get in if you’re not wearing heels, it’s ridiculous.

“Lads are getting let in with trainers on, but girls, if you’re not wearing heels – even if you’re wearing sandals – you’re not allowed in.

Annabel said the boys were being let in regardless of footwear (
TikTok - annabelkershaw)

“My mates are all wearing flats and they won’t let any of us in.”

Tyla has contacted History nightclub for comment, but they did not respond before this story went to press.

While they do not have an official website, several club nights that are held in History require patrons to “dress to impress” and insist on “no t-shirts, trainers, hoodies, hats, chains or sunglasses.”

And Annabel’s impassioned rant has caused quite a divide on social media, with many commenting that ‘no flat shoes’ is a fairly common door policy – particularly no trainers.

The flats were not considered acceptable footwear (

“It’s a nightclub? And that’s dress code for most night clubs tbh,” one person said.

A second added: “Some places have dress codes, don’t have to get mad about it.”

While a third said: “This is standard in Liverpool and any club with a certain image they want to uphold. Restaurants can refuse entry if you’re not dressed properly.”

However, others argued that it’s so painful to be dancing in heels – especially when you’re out all night.

“All these people in the comments have clearly never done a full night out in heels. I physically stand there crying in pain, usually,” said one woman.

Nights out in high heels are not comfy (

A second said: “It’s ridiculous discrimination to demand people wear heels. Loads of people can’t for medical reasons and besides that, it’s completely sexist.”

“Some of these comments aren’t passing the vibes,” said a third. “It’s not crusty AirForce, smart flat shoes shouldn’t be such a problem.”

The jury’s out on this one...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - annabelkershaw

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