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This Town Celebrates Christmas 365 Days Of The Year

This Town Celebrates Christmas 365 Days Of The Year

Commitment to Christmas.

When Wizzard sung they wished it could be Christmas every day, they clearly hadn’t heard of the town of Santa Claus in Indiana.

The US town lives up to its festive namesake by celebrating Christmas every single day of the year, and not just on 25th December.

Originally called Santa Fe, the town was forced to change its name when it applied for a post office in 1856 – and opted for Santa Claus instead, making it America’s Christmassy hometown. 

The town boasts its own Santa statue (
Spencer County Visitors Bureau)

The community of the small town “embraces” the spirit of the holiday all year round, with a number of activities and landmarks to visit.

Things to do include Santa’s Candy Castle, a historic 1935 castle-like building known for its delicious frozen hot chocolate and gourmet popcorn, as well as a number of festive shops including: the gigantic Santa Claus Christmas Store plus shops like Santa’s TOYS, Evergreen Boutique & Christmas Shop, and more provide a wide selection.

Other festive attractions include: Frosty’s Fun Center, Santa’s Stables, Santa’s Express Ziplines, and other Christmas-themed places.

The town boasts their own Christmas shop (
Instagram - santaclausind)

What makes Santa Claus so special is the post office which led them to change their name from Santa Fe. The post office receives letters from all over the world from children who want to tell Father Christmas what they want for the festive season.

A group of volunteers known as Santa's Elves ensure each child gets a reply.

In 2018, more than 22,000 replies were sent to children around the world that had sent their letters to Father Christmas.

There’s also the Santa Claus Museum & Village that has the iconic Santa Claus Statue, historic Santa Claus church, and the original Santa Claus Post Office.

The town even has their own Santa (
Spencer County Visitors Bureau)

Santa Claus himself even lives in the town, answering letters and hoping to work a little bit of magic to grant children’s wishes.

The town is open throughout the year, with a number of Christmassy activities available whatever the weather. 

You can read more about Santa Claus, and plan your visit, here.

Featured Image Credit: Spencer County Visitors Bureau

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