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Watch As British Airways Plane Sways Violently When Landing At London City Airport

Watch As British Airways Plane Sways Violently When Landing At London City Airport

Footage captured from a nearby building shows a British Airways plane being buffeted by high winds as it landed at London City Airport

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

You only have to step outside today to experience the full force of the weather. And if you think you're being knocked sideways by the wind, just take a look at this plane, which had an extremely wobbly landing this morning at London City Airport.

As Storm Gareth hits the UK, this British Airways passenger jet was buffeted by high winds as it flew towards the runway.

Captured from a nearby building, the footage shows the plane swaying from side to side as it prepared for a terrifying landing.

The pilot thankfully managed to land the plane safely despite the turbulence.


A British Airways spokesperson told the Mirror: "British Airways, along with other airlines, had flights affected by the strong winds in the London City area this morning.

"Our highly trained pilots are equipped to deal with a range of scenarios, including extreme weather conditions. At no point was anyone in danger.

"The flight landed safely and passengers left the aircraft normally. The safety of our customers and crew is always our number one priority."

Storm Gareth is the third named storm this year, following Erik in February and Freya earlier in March.

The current weather has been extremely disruptive, with a number of flights cancelled or delayed due to strong winds, and a risk of train delays.

This morning, gusts of wind of to 60 miles per hour were recorded, with the Met Office warning that winds could reach speeds of 80 miles per hour along northern coasts later today.

Across the UK, flights have been delayed, bridges were closed and there is also a risk of flooding and loss of power.

The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings, and has posted a series of tweets to warn the nation of the weather conditions and to encourage them to take care and be weather aware in the circumstances.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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