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​Teenagers Praised For Saving A Man About To Throw Himself Under A Train

​Teenagers Praised For Saving A Man About To Throw Himself Under A Train

Their heroic actions saved one young man’s life.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A group of friends have been praised as "heroes" for stopping a young man from jumping under a train.

The six teenagers threw themselves on top of the 18 year old as he tried to jump under an approaching train and pulled him back from the tracks.

The school friends had been waiting for a train at Herne Bay station in Kent on Saturday when they spotted the man standing close to the platform's edge on the opposite side of the tracks.

The group - Madison Kendall, 15, Eleanor Wood, 15, Tia Hancock, 16, Chloe Skinsley, 16, Jack Williams, 17 and Kyle Pattison, 17 - rushed to the other side of the platform just in time after realising the boy was in distress.

The group of teenagers were waiting for a train at Herne Bay station (

The friends then leapt on the young man just as he was about to jump and saved his life.

Rescuer Kyle said: "I saw him standing by the line and something wasn't right.

"Then one of the girls said 'he's crying' so we just dropped everything and ran down the stairs.

"We ran through the underpass, up the other stairs, and pulled him away from the edge."

But, as a train approached, the man tried to jump into its path, so the teens threw themselves on him and restrained him until the train had passed.

The group's heroic actions saved the young man's life, as fellow rescuer Jack recalled: "The boy was bigger than me and Kyle. We used all our strength to hold him."

While friend Chloe added: "We were all struggling to hold him back."

Onlooker Elaina O'Brien urged others to notice the signs, especially at a train station (

Elaina O'Brien, who works for a taxi firm within the station grounds, heard the commotion and ran outside. She was moved by the group's brave actions.

"The train was coming and I just saw this group of teenagers all run and jump on this kid and they were pulling him back," she explains. "You could tell the kids were really shaken. They looked really frightened."

Elaina praised the group's 'quick thinking' and added: "For a group of teenagers to come forth and do that, it can't go unnoticed. It was really quick thinking.

"If it wasn't for their immediate reaction and courage, then that young boy would no longer be here.

"There is so much bad stigma around these days about teenagers but if it wasn't for these ones a life would have been lost."

The young man's mum has also expressed her thanks to the teenagers and taxi staff, who stayed with the young man afterwards.

Elaina praised the "quick actions" of the teenagers (

She said: "We're immensely thankful to the young people that were there.

"Thank God they were there, they saved his life."

"He's just thankful he is still here," she added, "and very regretful and thankful for the teens and the taxi people in the office."

Elaina added that she hoped the incident would highlight the importance of stepping in if someone appears distressed, particularly at a train station, "especially because of the times that we're living in."

"It takes two minutes out of your day, and can make all the difference in the world."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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