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UK Primary Schools May Be Forced To Move Online From January

UK Primary Schools May Be Forced To Move Online From January

Schools across the country are preparing to move online after the Christmas break due to a surge in Omicron Covid cases.

Primary schools across the UK are preparing to switch to online learning once again as cases of the new Omicron Covid-19 variant continue to rise.

On Wednesday the UK recorded 78, 610 new Covid cases, the highest daily number reported since the beginning of the pandemic.

Primary school pupils may have to switch to online learning in January (

Now primary schools are preparing for potential closures in January, although the government remains committed to keeping schools open next term and schools have been advised to stay open for now.

Figures released last Thursday (9th December) revealed 236,000 pupils were missing school for Covid-related reasons in England in the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday.

Children at two different primary schools in east London that are managed by the Letta Trust will be sent home with laptops in the event they are unable to return to classrooms in the new year.

Speaking with the BBC, Jo Franking, head of the trust, said: “This picture is changing on a daily basis. We've had seven new staff cases so far this week.

Schools closed in March 2020 during the first Covid-19 lockdown (

"Teachers are making sure that everything they plan to teach in the first week of the new term can be taught remotely if it needs to be.”

Franklin said she is also concerned about staff members becoming unwell and said some people have had trouble booking booster jabs because of a lack of appointments until mid-January.

"There will come a point when we cannot safely keep classes open,” she added.

Children and young people aged between 12 and 17 are eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK. Primary school aged children are between five and 11.

The risk of children becoming seriously ill from a Covid infection is very low. But evidence remains weak on the risks of children transmitting the virus to adults.

In March 2020, schools across the UK closed for all pupils but remained open for vulnerable children and children whose parents are key workers and have no other childcare.

Schools are preparing in the event of closures in January (

On Monday, health secretary Said Javid said he could not guarantee that schools would stay open amid the spread of Omicron. However a Downing Street spokesperson told Sky local authorities have been warned against closing schools before the end of term on Friday.

They said: "There are certainly no plans to put in any restriction on schooling.

"We've always sought to keep face-to-face schooling open and have only restricted it in when there's the direst public health emergency.

"There's certainly no plans to do that. We think we've got the right balance through Plan B and our big uptick in boosters."

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