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Primark Worker Reveals What 'Code Two' Tannoy Message Really Means

Primark Worker Reveals What 'Code Two' Tannoy Message Really Means

A former Primark employee has revealed the meaning behind a tannoy message used in Primark stores.

Retail workers, we salute you. An ex-Primark employee has revealed the true meaning behind a commonly used tannoy message and it’s really disgusting. 

High street shoppers who have ventured into the budget fashion store have probably heard an employee call out “code two” once or twice, and now we finally know what it means. 

A former Primark employee has revealed the meaning behind 'code two' (

Former employee George Allen wrote about his experiences working for primary in the Derby Telegraph - and let’s just say, tea wasn’t the only thing spilled. 

He said: “Urine and faeces on the shop floor is pretty common. There are even different cryptic announcements via the speakers ‘cleaner to menswear, code two’ so cleaning staff know to expect a bodily fluid when they arrive at the mess.”

Tyla has contacted Primark for comment.

George compared working on the ground floor to the Wild West because “you have to be tough to stick it out.”

Meanwhile, “softer staff” were asked to work in customer service, childrenswear or homewear on the top floor. 

Hundreds of shoppers descended onto Primark stores once stores were allowed to reopen in April. Some people began queuing in the early hours of the morning on Monday 12th April to update their wardrobe before work. 

Primark shoppers were keen to shop again when stores reopened in April (

The Oxford Street branch opened its London doors at 7am - earlier than normal - and stayed open until 10pm. 

Visiting Primark and all your other favourite high street shops may feel different starting from today (19th July).

The easing of restrictions in England on 'Freedom Day' means business such as nightclubs can reopen.

There are no longer limits on social contact with the “rule of six” restriction also coming to an end. The government are no longer instructing people to work from home either.

However, some supermarkets have stated that they will continue to encourage customers to wear face coverings.

Masks will also continue to be compulsory on the Transport for London network unless you are exempt for medical reasons. 

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