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Girls Told To Wear 'Shorts Under Skirts' To Stop Upskirting At School

Girls Told To Wear 'Shorts Under Skirts' To Stop Upskirting At School

It was reported “a group of lads” were taking pictures up schoolgirls’ skirts at a secondary school in Liverpool.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Female pupils have been urged to wear shorts under the skirts after an incident of upskirting was reported at a school, it has been claimed.

The incident, which took place at Broughton Hall Catholic High School is thought to have included a group of boys which took snaps of pupils on a transparent spiral staircase.

The school in Liverpool reportedly saw a group of boys
The school in Liverpool reportedly saw a group of boys

The stairs are in the Sixth Form canteen area, with a number of seats in full view of those climbing the stairs.

After an 'upskirting' incident took place on Friday students claim girls were told to wear shorts under their skirts.

The school is also considering using frosted glass panels, according to a report in the Liverpool Echo.

A former pupil at the school told the paper: "It has been a problem for a while. I know exactly what they are doing, when I used to sit near there if you looked up to see if your friends were coming you could sometimes accidentally see up someone's skirt.

The school claim this has not been reported as an issue before (

"It used to make us really uncomfortable. We would ask if we could wear trousers but we were told no, we had to wear skirts.

"There were girls sent home for coming in with trousers on."

However, the school's acting director of sixth form claims they have only just been made aware of the problem, in an email that was sent to students following the incident.

Upskirting was made a criminal offence by Gina Martin in 2019 after she spent 18 months tirelessly campaigning to make the act - which involves - the practice of taking of sexually intrusive photographs under someone's clothing without their permission - illegal.

Before, victims who were upskirted could be pursue legal prosecution through public decency or harassment, but the chances of conviction was hard.

Gina campaigned for upskirting to be a criminal offence. (
ITV/This Morning)

Speaking of her campaign on This Morning, Gina said: "I knew it would become illegal because we were legally right, secured Government backing and had the support of good people across the country.

"Regular people can make change. We've done it. We have made upskirting a sexual offence."

Despite admitting the experience had been a "steep learning curve" in how British politics works, Gina said the decision was "politics and society at its best."

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