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A Restaurant Is Getting Rinsed For Selling A 'Ladies' Fillet Steak'

A Restaurant Is Getting Rinsed For Selling A 'Ladies' Fillet Steak'

We can't even order a steak without dealing with this BS.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

It really bugs us when men *expect* a larger portion of food. Yes, we *do* want six roast potatoes on our dinner. Yes, I am eating *all* my chips and no, I don't want to share my dessert.

Which is why we know for sure that if we were to visit the Manhattan Bar & Grill in Liverpool, we'd be ordering a nice juicy 12oz-er steak - hell, give us the 16oz T-bone - not a smaller 'ladies' fillet' which is also on the menu.

The £18.95 dish was spotted by food writer Vicky Andrews who was just as confused as us at the concept, meanwhile critic Jay Rayner also shared his bewilderment online.

OK, we understand it's essentially just a smaller steak - but why not call it that? "8oz fillet steak" would also do the trick.

The restaurant maintain the fillet is "well-received" by customers and told Tyla: "We gave our female customers what they wanted, they wanted a smaller fillet steak, we gave it to them!"

Meanwhile, managing director Karl Hassan told the Telegraph: "We have a lot of hen parties and female visitors, and we had countless complaints that our 10oz fillet steaks were far too big. So we got our supplier to send us 8oz instead and named them 'Ladies 8oz Fillets!'" [sic]

But... why?

As you can imagine, it's not been "well-received" online, with one woman writing: "This lady would prefer a big ole ribeye steak."

Another joked: "Can I take the ladies fillet with a side of ribeye please?"

While one woman - speaking about herself and her partner's eating habits - pointed out: "Ha ha we always make sure the butcher cuts two as closely matched as possible to avoid arguments.

"No way would I be ordering a smaller one, let alone due to the demeaning title."

You won't catch us with a 'ladies' steak' (

Others pointed out the description of the steak is also problematic.

"Wtf? It's 'beautifully cut' well obviously that means we'll also be beautiful if we eat it. Who writes this?" One woman asked.

Others joked it would presumably be "served pink" while another quipped: "Surely the ladies cut should have no price next to it because the man is obviously paying."

Of course, both women *and* men can choose to eat whatever sized steak they like. But an 8oz fillet is no more suited to one than the other. Guys, do better.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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