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Plague Of Rats Are Invading UK Homes Through Toilets And Letterboxes

Plague Of Rats Are Invading UK Homes Through Toilets And Letterboxes

Experts say rats are becoming "emboldened" and are "on the rise".

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

In more news that could only come out of 2020, a pest control firm has warned that rats are now getting so brave that they have started sneaking into people's houses through their letterboxes and toilets.


According to chiefs at Rentokil, the largest pest control company in the UK, there has been a huge 22 per cent rise in call-outs to deal with rats in the past month, which is the highest in six years.

Rats are invading people's homes (

Apparently rodents are now "so brave" that they go scavenging for food in broad daylight and are creeping into people's homes by scampering up the sewage pipes and in through the toilets.

Is no place safe?!

Of the 121 technicians that were quizzed by Rentokil, six in ten said that the rats they encountered did not turn and run away immediately with some even standing their ground and eyeballing them.

A spokesperson for Rentokil said: "Data released today by Rentokil Pest Control shows a 22% increase in rat enquiries compared to the average over the past six years.

There has been a 22% increase in rat enquiries (

"Six-in-10 of the 121 technicians we asked said they believed the lockdown period from March-June had caused rodents to become more confident, with rats entering homes through toilets and letterboxes.

"Rats have also increasingly been seen in broad daylight, despite being nocturnal creatures.

"This suggests businesses generating less waste during the lockdown period in the first half of this year, combined with larger nest sizes, has forced rodents to search for food during the day.

Rats are becoming braver (

"The increase in enquiries could be attributed in part to the mild winter experienced last year, which may have extended the rodent breeding season.

"This could also mean that a larger population of rats will be heading indoors as the weather cools, to search for food, water and safe harbourage."

A single mum in Dover, Kent, was shocked recently when she went to the loo only to find a rat sitting at the bottom of the bowl staring up at her.

She said that she saw the rat, she thought she was going to have a "heart attack" and closed the door and called Dover District Council to get them to deal with the rodent.

That would finish us off!

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